Danica Muscat: “Frontline” deals with the subject of gossip

Danica Muscat is taking part in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest for the fourth time. After taking part in 2012, 2013 and 2015, Danica is competing to represent Malta in Eurovision 2016 with her brand new song called “Frontline”.

We spoke to Danica Muscat about her new song, her team, stage plans, and more. Check out everything she told us in this interview right here:

First of all I would like to congratulate you for making it to the top 20! How do you feel about being in the semi finals of Malta’s selection once again?

Thank you 🙂 I could not be any happier! It is an amazing feeling when everything comes full circle!

How did you decide to enter this Contest this year?

The Eurovision Song Contest is an event which I follow religiously with friends and family and aspiring to be in it, makes it hard not to take the decision to enter. So, basically after “Close Your Eyes”, I had a sit down with my team, and discussed the way forward. We came up with “Frontline”, the song which I am proud to present, something fresh and new.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your song, and the team who worked on it?

“Frontline” deals with the subject of gossip, about how people tend to speak about other people behind their back, without checking the facts, and letting those people explain themselves or rather, tell the truth. In the face of such gossip, one always has to be on the frontline to face reality head on. It is composed by Philip Vella, who was also responsible for “7 Days”, my first entry in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest back in 2012, and penned by Emil Calleja Bayliss, who worked on “Close Your Eyes”, the song I presented last year which bears a strong personal meaning to me.

How are you getting ready for the national final? Did your ideas for the stage performance all come together, and how is everything going to look like?

At the moment, we are putting together the stage performance, for which we will have three male musicians, who have been revealed on my Facebook and Twitter as Geordie DeBono, former Malta Eurovision runner-up, Klinsmann Coleiro and my brother, Nicolas Muscat. I won’t say much more, except to watch the show unravel on the 22nd February 2016.

Who do you think is your biggest competition to win the Maltese national final?

I believe that all the other eighteen singers have rightfully earned their spot in the competition, and when you reach this level, you do not see the others as competition, but as artists who are ready to put on a great show. I believe that “Frontline” has the right ingredients to succeed, and I sincerely hope that the message of the song is well and truly understood.

Danica MuscatWhat would representing Malta in Eurovision mean to you?

Waiting for that moment to watch and listen to the Maltese entry at the Eurovision Song Contest has always been one of the annual highlights at the Muscat household. Maybe it’s cliché but I believe that getting to represent the country would bring out feelings of pride, and honour. You would carry the weight of a nation!

What would be your all time favorite Eurovision song?

“Everything” (Greece 2006) by Anna Vissi. To this day, that performance still gives me chills.

What sort of music do you listen to in your free time, when all you want is to relax?

I don’t think I have one genre of music which I listen to when I want to relax. Music in itself is soothing to the mind and to the body. 🙂 

What do you do when you are not singing?

HAHA! I find myself surrounded by music in whatever I do! Away from singing, I consider myself a full-time mother, and a full-time student, looking after my wonderful little boy Roen, and also reading for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Maltese and Social Studies at the University of Malta. If I manage to find some free-time in between though, I find baking as a relaxing pastime. For more information about that, I urge you to visit; PieceofCake on Facebook 🙂

Are you engaged in any other projects at the moment?

In music, I tend to focus on two things, my current project, which in this case if “Frontline”, for which I am taking every day one step at a time, and my vocal lessons at Geordie’s Vocal Studio whereas I help my students achieve their goals, whilst having fun in the process.

Do you have a message for all the readers of ESCBubble who will support you in Malta’s national final?

Thank You! Without your support, we would not have as much fun! Watch out for my performance of “Frontline” on the 22nd January during the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

We also wanted to learn a little bit more about Danica Muscat, so we asked her for her favorite:

  • BookThe Boy in the Striped Pygamas
  • MovieMean Girls
  • DishChinese
  • SportFootball
  • SingerLaura Pausini
  • Song“In Assenza di Te”

If Danica Muscat is your personal favorite in Malta Eurovision Song Contest,make sure you cast your vote for her in our poll here (click!). Give a listen to Danica’s entry in Malta Eurovision Song Contest titled “Frontline”, via this link right here (click).

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