Laura Tesoro: “I am driven by passion”

Last week Laura Tesoro won the second show of the Eurosong 2016, the Belgian preselection for Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Tomorrow this young and talented singer from Vlaams will try to do it once again to win the ticket to Stockholm.

Laura is the most known contestant of the Eurosong 2016, she has more likes on her Facebook page than all other contestants all together, but she is a new musician for the audience outside of Belgium. We spoke to Laura ahead of the Eurosong 2016 final show.

Hello Laura! ESCBubble and our readers would like to wish you a Happy New Year! How were your holidays? Did you have time to relax?
Laura Tesoro,

Hollidays were crazy, but in a good way!  One day we had a rehearsal the other day we were eating turkey for Christmas. It was like I had to switch from one life to the other. It sure was not boring! I am the kind of person who will always try to challenge herself.

You are a new artist for our readers outside Belgium, can you please tell us more about yourself?

The first time I conquered a stage, was in 2008 in the musical ‘Annie’. In 2010 I participated in a TV show where I explored and discovered my passion for pop music and in 2014 I showed my passion in ‘the Voice’, where I ended up second. I am the kind of person who will always try to challenge herself. And that’s exactly what I’m doing in ‘Eurosong’.

What could we expect form the artist Laura Tesoro? In what musical style do you perform?

I love pop music, but with a funky soul full touch!

Every artist has something special, people say “he/she hast it”. How can you describe the “it” about yourself? 

When people have to describe me in one word, they always use the word ‘Energy’. So I guess that’s my ‘it’.

Eurovision is a competition for both new and experienced artists. You are quite experienced, especially in participating in contests. What are your advantages in the Belgian National preselection, and if you win – in Eurovision?

This ‘energy’ might be one of my advantages and I think it’s even contagious. I am going to try to make the people want to turn up the music and dance!

@Freya Goossens
Laura Tesoro, @Freya Goossens

Every year after Eurovision Final many artists say, that Eurovision is a unique experience. You are very close to be part of it this year, how do you imagine your Eurovision experience now?

I do imagine it like a unique experience and I really wonder what it would be like to be there on that stage and to work towards that one crazy moment that only last for 3 minutes. I talked about it already with Axel Hirsoux and he also told me that it is unique and indescribable

What is your inspiration for singing?

I am driven by passion and by the good vibes I get from others. I love performing, I really am a performer and I always get this awesome feeling on a stage and my mission is to give the audience that same feeling and to experience the song together with my band or with other singers on stage and of course with people who are listening and watching.

How would you describe your ideal song that you would like to perform?

A song with a lot of power, with a groove and with a fun melody to sing. I love songs with a positive message, because I want to inspire people and give hope. And what better way to do that than trough good music!

Thank you Laura, and we wish you the best of  luck in tomorrow’s final! Let “What’s the pressure” be the lucky song for you!

If Laura is your personal favourite in Eurosong, make sure to cast your vote for her in our poll right here! Give a listen to Laura’s Eurosong’s entry:


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