Xuso Jones “My song is perfect for Eurovision”

A total of six acts are going to compete in order to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. One of them is Xuso Jones – a 26 year old singer, who became popular in his country after recording himself singing his order in a McDrive, and then got signed to Universal Music.

We had a chance to speak with Xuso Jones about his song and his participation in the Spanish Eurovision selection this year. Check out everything he told us right here:

Hi Xuso! Thank you so much for taking your time for talking to us! First of all, how do you feel about being one of the six finalists for Eurovision in Spain?

Hi to everyone! I’m very excited about everything that is happened since I’m official candidate for National Final for Eurovision.

Tell us about your decision of participate in the national final. Were you contacted by TVE, or were you the one who made the first step and sent your song in?

It was a mutual process. They were looking for potencial singers and I thought about it a while ago, so in the end we meet along the way.

Xuso JonesRuth Lorenzo and you have quite a close friendship. Did she give you any advice for Eurovision?

Yes, Ruth it’s a friend and she’s actually from my home town. Her advice was to enjoy everything because Eurovision happens too fast.

You have a Swedish composing team behind your song. Do you think this is the winning formula?

My song is written by Peter Boström, Andreas Öhrn and Chris Wahle, so maybe it is a Swedish combination hehehe. I love Swedish producers and composers. Their songs are powerful, modern and from the first listen you have them inside your head.

What can you tell us about your song?

At this very moment, I only can say that it’s an international song, with great power and a big surprise. It’s perfect for Eurovision.

Which one of the other five contestants do you think will be your biggest competition?

I know all five of the other contestants very well. In Spain all the artist are so quiet, and everything is kept as a secret. One of the toughest competitors is going to be Maria Isabel, because the audience knows that she won Junior Eurovision, and that’s an important point that supports her.

Do you have any ideas about how your staging is going to look like?

Right now I’m with my team working on that. And, as always, it’s going to be a surprise.

We would like to thank Xuso for his time, and to wish him the best of luck in the Spanish Eurovision selection! Give a listen to his song in Objetivo Eurovision – “Victorious”, right here:

Xuso is making a video blog about his road to Eurovision, and in yesterday’s post he also met up with Ruth Lorenzo! Check it out here (the video is in Spanish):


If Xuso is your personal favorite in the Spanish selection, make sure you cast your vote for him in our poll right here:

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  1. Grap1983 says

    Please Spain – NO Swedish penned song this year! We want something authentic Spanish, not the dull, streamlined mass produced Swedish production…..

    OK – Let’s have another San miguel beer 🙂

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