Annica Milan & Kimmo Blom : ”You’re better than just good enough!”

Annica Milan & Kimmo Blom, from Finland, will participate in the Finnish national selection for Eurovision 2016 (Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu) with their entry ”Good Enough”. They will compete in the second semi-final, alongside 5 other acts, with the hope of qualifying for the Final, that will be held on February 27th.

Annica & Kimmo took the time to talk to ESCBubble about their forthcoming participation in the Finnish national selection for Eurovision:

What were your first reactions when you were told that you had qualified for the Finnish national selection for Eurovision?

Of course we were thrilled, excited and so happy! (Annica first pranked Kimmo saying that they weren’t picked).

Is there a message behind your song?

The message is that you should appreaciate other people, see their true colors and except help when offered. Of course there’s love written in it too.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourselves and your musical careers?

We both have worked in a musical theatre some years ago and that’s where we met in the first place. Besides that we have both participated in The Voice of Finland contest. And Kimmo has some UMK history as well (Angelo De Nile). Annica is currently studying in Conservatory and Kimmo is working as a freelancer. We both have worked and done gigs for a long time.

Do you have any special ideas for your live performance during the national selection (choreography, dress,…)?

It’s gonna be something different. A challenge in a way. We don’t want to give away too much but let’s just say that there’s gonna be ”reflections”.

Do you have other plans for 2016?

Annica is going to graduate from Conservatory. We want to continue singing and trying to make our career’s happen.

Do you have any goals for the contest?

Our goal is to win UMK and hopefully the Eurovision Song Contest as well!!  

Why and how did you decide to enter the contest together?

We have been working with each other for a long time and it seemed natural.

What would it mean for you, to get the chance to represent your country in Eurovision?

It’s our dream and we would be honoured. We can’t even imagine how amazing that would be.

Are you Eurovision fans? What are your favourite Eurovision songs?

Yes we are big time. Annica’s favourite song is ”Only Teardrops”. Kimmo’s favourite is ”Waterloo”.

What do you think of the previous Finnish participants in Eurovision?

There has been some interesting choices. Finland’s entries have always raise debate in Eurovision’s history.

Do you have other passions/hobbies?

Annica like’s social media and Kimmo like’s to complain about it. We also like to swim and walk in nature.

What would you like to say to your fans who are going to support you during the national selection?

We want to thank each and everybody for supporting us and our campaign. You’re better than just Good Enough!!

We would like to thank Annica & Kimmo for taking the time to do this interview and would also like to wish them the best of luck for the Finnish national selection. Until the show, you can listen to their entry ”Good Enough”:

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