Estonia 2016 – Würffel – “All our work in 3 minutes of real time”

Eesti Laul kicks off next weekend with the first heat, and Würffel will be competing with the catchy electro-pop number “I’m Facing North”.    Würffel consist of singer Rosanna Lints, drummer Kaspar Kalluste and keyboardist Tarvi Kull and we caught up with the trio to learn something about themselves, their music and their hopes for the competition

How were Würffel formed?

Kaspar : We have played together with Tarvi in many different bands and at some point we started to write music together.  In late 2013 Tarvi and I came up with the idea to form an electronic group.

How did the name Würffel originate?

Tarvi: We were brainstorming to find a name but it didn’t go too well. The time was running out as we had to send an application to the Tallinn Music Week festival.  Before the deadline Kaspar came up with idea to name our group “Würffel” and we all agreed with that name. “Vürfel” means dice in Estonian.

Tell us about your musical backgrounds

Rosanna : When I was 15, I came 3rd in Estonian Idol, and then enrolled in Georg Ots Music school and released a few singles while collaborating with different Estonian artists and songwriters. I have also competed in Eesti Laul (Rosanna was part of Pop Maniacs who came 4th overall in 2012, she also appeared as a solo artist in 2013 finishing 6th in the first semi final)

Kaspar : I started with classical piano at the age of 6 and also played the drums.  At the age of 13 I formed a punk-rock group with my classmates and when I was 16 I went to Georg Ots Music School to study pop-jazz drums. At the time I met with Tarvi who was my classmate.  After that I went to Estonian Music Academy and Theatre to study jazz drums, graduated Bachelors and Masters and at some point studied at Malmö Music Academy as exchange student. Also I have played with many jazz and pop artists in Estonia. Just to mention few names (for Eurovision fans), we have played with Tarvi in Ott Lepland and Maarja- Liis Ilus’s band. I also played drums in Tanel Padar’s band, called The Sun.

How did you get to be involved in Eesti Laul this year?

Tarvi: Mart Normet, the producer of Eesti Laul,  asked us why we haven’t sent a song to the competition yet?  So we finally decided to enter the competition with a song we thought would be our next single.

Rosanna: I thought that we’re not contesting until the very last day of applications deadline. The guys just called me and told that I need to fill in some paperwork.

Kaspar: For me it’s very difficult to send a song to a competition cause music is my life and I don’t want to get points for how I live my life 🙂 But yeah, we we’re a bit pushed and finally decided that it’s not so bad idea to enter the contest. Eesti Laul has really good team- this is very important for me as well.

I’ve listened to “I’m Facing North” a few times now, and it’s a great, slightly retro, piece of electronic pop in my opinion. How did you choose this as your Eesti Laul entry over some of your other songs?

Rosanna: Thank you 🙂 Actually we were planning to make a music video for “I’m Facing North”. I think it is a song that was easy to create and in some reason is outstanding from others

Do you have any ideas about how you will stage it that you can tell us about?

Rosanna: The mood board seems to be a bit nordic, electric and minimal. As visuals are very important in television we contacted our favourite clothes designer Anna Viik and choreographer Kristin Pukka who we were also co-operating with in our music video for “Dance, Dance”

What are you looking forward to most about Eesti Laul?

Tarvi: To see our friends from the other groups. There are lots of them this year.

Rosanna: I’m looking forward to that moment when I’m stepping on the stage. The show needs a lot of work by ETV and our team also – so the moment when all work is basically put into three minutes at real time and saved for the rest of our lives is fascinating.

Kaspar: I think that’s really good experience for us as a band and also it’s a really good opportunity to introduce our band to people who haven’t heard our music.

Finally, do you have a favourite Estonian entry from past Eurovisions?

Rosanna: For me it depends on a year, but I try to capture every years best acts. The most memorable Estonian entry was of course Tanel Padar & Dave Benton “Everybody”. I think Estonians felt proud after that victory for some time.


Thank you Würffel for your time, and best of luck in next weeks’ heat!


You can listen to “I’m Facing North” below, and follow us as we live-blog the first Heat of Eesti Laul right here on on Saturday 13th February from 2000 CET



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