Markus Riva: “Life gives you some lemons”

Today, we talk with Markus Riva, the 29 year old Latvian singer who has appeared in the last 3 national selections for Latvia, coming second last year to Aminata.  Markus sailed through the Quarter Final last week with his song “I Can” and will be appearing in Sunday’s semi final, along with 7 other contenders (and, undoubtedly,  the Riga Beaver!)

Markus, you have appeared in Supernova, and prior to that Dziesma, do you think that this gives you an advantage coming into the competition?

Absolutely not. Every year brings new competition, new players and we have the same start position. It just gives you some experience and probably you know what to expect (the system). But every time when you go on stage you have to do your best and work hard to succeed.

You have represented Latvia at Eurovision by giving out the all important votes – how would you feel if you were chosen to sing for your country?

That was very exciting and fun, after that I got many messages from my friends all around the world who were watching. But to represent my country – it would mean a world to me. I have my artistry and individuality what I can bring to Eurovision.

Tell us more about your song “I Can”, what message are you hoping to get across to Supernova viewers?

We need to start with ourselves to change something. We have to say I CAN in so many situations when our lives are going not so smooth. I wanted to write an emotional song. I was in complicated situation when I did that. Life gives you some lemons but you have to get over that and music is the power that can help you. So, I can, You can and we can. Everyone can.

What are you looking forward to about Supernova this year? Do you feel that Animata’s terrific result in Vienna has changed the Latvian people’s view of Eurovision?

Aminata is a great artist and I am happy for her success in Eurovision. But again, every year is different – different artists, songs, situations. Eurovision is very interesting mix with these things.  More artists from Latvia wanted to participate and that is great. Last year it was all new but now we know what we can expect and how the system works. I am not sure it changed people’s view in general about Eurovision because everyone is watching the show even they say that they don’t.

We all know you as a great singer, but do you have any other passions in life?

I love nature. I love to spend time by the sea, by the Baltic sea and if I have free time I travel around our country (and not only). But my passion is music. That is my love, work and life. I could not imagine what I would do if not music. And I love to swim. It calms me down, obviously, music and stage is such a stressful thing to do 🙂

Do you have any other plans for 2016?

Yes, of course. I have big plans, new songs, maybe new album but I don’t like to talk about it because don’t say HOP before you jump.  I am always a hard worker and love to generate new ideas, concepts.

Do you usually follow Eurovision? Do you have a favourite Latvian entry?

I am following because it is my industry. My favourite act was FLY in 2003. I was working as a volunteer in Riga for Eurovision and at that time it was this group who later become my close friends.

Thank you so much for speaking with us Markus and good luck for Sunday!

Here is Markus’ performance of his song “I Can”  from the second heat , which will be competing again on Sunday 21st February in the semi final.  Join us here on ESCBubble as myself and Mikael will be live blogging the event from 2025CET

If Markus is one of your favourites in this year’s Supernova and you would definitely like to see him in the Finals, make sure you cast your vote for him and for three other songs in our poll here:

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