Pür Müdd – ‘A story about a boy, that once lost his joy’

This Saturday will see the completion of the line up of the Estonian selection as the second semi-final of the Eesti Laul will select the remaining finalists.

We caught up with one of the acts competing for one of the five remaining places, Pür Müdd, to see how their preparations were going.  Here is what they had to say:

Firstly, congratulations on making the semi-finals of this year’s competition.  Being an international site, many of our readers won’t know much about Pür Müdd. Can you tell us a little about the band, how long you have been together and what your career has been like up until now?, and how did you come up with the name Pür Müdd?

“We are a very fresh Estonian electronic duo. We actually started in October and finished our first single a few days before submitting it to the Eesti Laul. Our name is a funny animal all together.. It derives from at least four languages including english, irish and slovakian. To us the name means a clean and thick atmosphere as a musical term.

What made you decide to enter the Eesti Laul?, have you ever thought about entering before, has it always been an ambition, or did it just feel right for this song?

“We just finished our song a few days before the final date of submission and we just decided to try. The song is full of contrasts and we actually didn’t expect it to get to the semifinals, but all the more happy we are now, being able to enter the contest. We have not tried before as a group. As singles yes”

And the song itself ‘Meet Halfway’, how would you describe it, is there a specific message in the song?

“Yes, there is a very specific message to it. As the first words say “there’s a story about a boy, that once lost his joy”. It actually paints a story about the importance of a father. The story itself is very close to our hearts and was not first and foremost intended to the Eurovision contest.”

Are you fans of Eurovision itself and if so do you have any favourite entries, either from Estonia or from any other country?

“Yes of course we are fans of Eurovision. Joonas used to have his own little Eurovison song contest with his sisters when they were small. We have not heard other countries’ entries for this year yet, but we like a number of the other songs in the Estonian selection”

And outside of Eurovision, what sort of music do you each like to listen to?, are there any bands or artists that have inspired you or helped to shape your sound?

“We have been influenced a lot by Coldplay, Hurts and some other drum and bass artists. Jojo Mayer, a superb drummer, is also one of our favourites.”

What would it mean to you to be able to represent Estonia? and What is your favourite thing about Estonia as a country?

“It would be a huge honor to do that. Our country has a simplistic but beautiful nature.”

And finally, do you have any other message for our readers?

“I would like to recommend everybody to do what they are called to do. I think there is a place in life we suit for the best. We just need to find it and be happy with what we have. Our formula to happiness.” 

You can listen to Pür Müdd’s entry ‘Meet Halfway’, here:


If Pür Müdd are your favourite in this year’s Eesti Laul, you can vote for them in our poll here (click)


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