Raiven: “One of my all-time favourites is Love Injected!”

Three days before EMA 2016, we’ve been talking to amazing Raiven, who surprised and positively shocked Slovene music scene with her voice & songs “Jadra” and “Bežim”. She will present her third single, “Črno Bel” on the night of EMA, and now it’s on you to read an interesting interview of Raiven below!

Raiven, firstly, congratulations for qualifying for EMA 2016! How did you decide to enter the contest this year?
Thank you! I wanted to challenge myself and ty something new. I have a lot of experiance with performing an competing with opera and playing harp, Ema stage will be something very new for me.

Apart from EMA, what would you say is your biggest achievement in your music career so far?
As I already mentioned, I was on many competitions with harp. But some of the achievements that I am most proud of, are probably 1st prize at an International competition Antonio Salieri in Italy, with harp and golden plaquete at a national competition in Slovenia, with classical singing. Also just being a student at Academy for music in Ljubljana is something I am proud of.

Have you ever sent a song for the Slovenian Eurovision preselection in the past as well?
No, never.

EMA is already a festival tradition in Slovenia, have you been following it in the past years and if so, do you have your all-time favourite song?
Yes, I have been following it and I must say, that one of my favourite songs is probably Cvet z juga from Alenka Gotar, who is also my former teacher.

Let’s talk more about your song. What’s the main message of it, and what type of a song can we expect from you?
I don’t really like to talk about the main theme of the song. I wrote the lyrics myself, and I must say it is hard for me to talk about any of the lyrics i write. I think everyone has a different view on a song and i don’t want my perspective to ruin someone elses view. All I can say is, the song is full of contrasts and opposites.

Can you tell us something more about the team behind this song?
As I said in the previous question, I wrote the lyrics by myself. The music was made by Tadej Košir and Jernej Kržič, who also made my two other songs, Jadra and Bežim.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
It will probably sounds funny, but I would describe myself as a pink singing raven 🙂

What do you usually do when you are not singing?
I’m always singing. But if I’m not singing I do probably play harp.

Do you already have some stage plans? How is everything going to look like on the night of EMA?
Yes, the preparations have already started and I can say it will be special. I will have an interesting outfit, that I visualised not long ago and I hope my seamstress will be able to pull it off.

What would winning EMA and representing Slovenia in Eurovision mean to you?
It would mean a sort of a confirmation, that I am making good music and that people like it. And of course, it would be a great honor.

Do you usually follow Eurovision, and do you have a favourite Eurovision song?
I watch Eurovision every year, usually with my family. One of my all time favourites is last years song “Love injected” by Aminata. Her performance, song and the vocals were absolutely amazing. I also really liked Euphoria.

And finally, do you have a message for all of the readers of ESCBubble, who will support you in EMA?
Thank you for reading the interview! If you liked what you read and want to know more about Raiven, you can check me out on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

We would like to thank Raiven for her precious time – anyway, we’d like to invite you all to take a listen to Raiven’s recent single, Bežim, below, until her EMA entry is released!


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