Samanta Tina: “We all are unique in our ways”

Samanta Poļakova is better known to Eurovision fans as Samanta Tina, the 26 year old singer from Tukums, Latvia is trying out for the 4th time to represent her country with the song “The Love Is Forever” .  Samanta has previously placed 2nd twice, and 3rd in 2014.  In 2016’s 2nd heat,  she was saved by the judges to get through to Sunday’s semi final

Samanta, you are a veteran of Supernova, and prior to that Dziesma, do you think that this gives you an advantage coming into the competition?

I do not think that I am a veteran in Supernova, it is only 4th time, and last year I took a break from competition! And, no I do not think that it is giving an advantage in any case! 🙂

Tell us more about your song “The Love Is Forever”, what message are you hoping to get across to Supernova viewers?

We all are unique in our ways, do not look at anything else, we all are the most beautiful, most talented and most unique person in the whole world, because there is no one else like you in the whole world! Because God made us with love, to we could  share this love to others.  Do not look at our health problems, nationality and diseases! We are The Love, any of us, in every different way! 🙂

Also, can you tell us about that performance you gave us last weekend? Where did the inspiration for that staging come from?

The same story.  Lots of people are telling me that I  have too much of a loud voice, and it’s kind of  bad! But no, I am beautiful with that, because God gave it to me, to share it to others! And I love it, that He choose me to have this loud voice, so it means that should tell something to whole world in a way that everyone could hear me! And I am not sad about that people are telling bad things about that, it Just means they already heard me! 🙂

What are you looking forward to about Supernova this year? Do you feel that Animata’s terrific result in Vienna has changed the Latvian people’s view of Eurovision?

No I do not know how it’s going to be! I hope it’s going to be great as well!

We all know you as a great singer, but do you have any other passions in life?

Thanks:) I am all about music! And I love to drive, a lot!!!

Do you have any other plans for 2016?

I am recording a new album, and getting married!:)

That’s a scoop for us then! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding Samanta, and best of luck in the Latvian semi final, which is on Sunday 21st February at 2025CET.  You can follow ESCBubble’s live blogging on our website, where Anne and Mikael will be keeping you updated on all the drama as 8 songs will be cut down to just 4 to compete in the Supernova final on Sunday 28th February.

If Samanta is one of your favourites and you would definitely like to see Samanta Tina in the Grand Final of Supernova, make sure you cast your vote for her and for three other acts in our poll here:

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Watch Samanta’s performance of “The Love is Forever” below

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