Sebastijan Lukovnjak: “I follow Eurovision every year!”

We’ve almost talk to each of the contestants in EMA 2016 recently – the very next one is Sebastijan Lukovnjak, who’ll debut on EMA 2016 stage this year with his song, entitled “Tales Of Tommorow” – check what he said to us in our interview!

Firstly, congratulations for qualifying for EMA 2016! How did you decide to enter the contest this year?
Thank you. I’m very pleased to take part in the finals. I’ve always wanted to take part at EMA. One day I was at the studio Epix Production and talked to producer Martin Bezjak about making a song for the EMA. I said that it has to be a great song or else I won´t apply 🙂 He is one of the best producers in Slovenia, so I knew that making a great song won’t be a problem. I love to work with him and we made a song that sounds familiar but still fresh and appealing for the listener.
Apart from EMA, what would you say is your biggest achievement in your music career so far?
My profession is musician/singer, but I am active in various fields of culture and arts. I’m a composer, songwriter, arranger and performer. Currently, most of my time is dedicated to the pop-rock band Leonart, who is making an album. I am a singer and guitarist in the Slovenian swing group The Swingtones, very well known by the swing dance scene across Europe as well as by lovers of jazz, blues and rock’n’roll music. I also play in a group Zebra which mainly plays acoustic arrangements of famous world hits. I’m also an actor in the new Slovenian movie “Na odprtem”, which will be filmed this year and I work as a puppet-animator at a puppet theatre PIKA.
Have you ever sent a song for the Slovenian Eurovision preselection in the past as well?
EMA is already a festival tradition in Slovenia, have you been following it in the past years and if so, do you have your all-time favourite song?
Every year I watch EMA and the Eurovision with my family and friends. Nonetheless Slovenian competitors are there and we cheer for them. I think that most Slovenians are EMA and Eurovision lovers. 

Let’s talk more about your song. What’s the main message of it, and what type of a song can we expect from you?
We made a great song that has potential to win the EMA. If I wasn´t sure of that, I wouldn´t apply 🙂 The lyrics talk about our everyday lives and the troubles the world currently faces. If we all stand up and unite in our thoughts and everybody makes their own part, we can make the world a better place. That’s the message we will send to Europe.
Can you tell us something more about the team behind this song?
The team musicly consists of three people: my producer and composer Martin Bezjak from Epix Productions, writer Tadej Jambrovič and me. Tadej and I wrote the lyrics, Martin and I made the music. It´s a joint of three good friends who work together for some time now with great results. In the studio we used some excellent musicians who made their part as well.

Do you already have some stage plans? How is everything going to look like on the night of EMA?
We are currently doing a stage plan for the night of EMA. It isn´t finished yet and I can´t tell you the details yet. But lets just say, that it´s gonna be something special and will stay in your mind when the performance is over 😉
What would winning EMA and representing Slovenia in Eurovision mean to you?
Of course I would be honored to represent my country in Sweden. I would meet new people, get to know managers and musical directors and producers which would surely be a great springboard for presenting my work abroad. I would also get to know different musicians and other great people from all around Europe. It would be fun and a great experience that I would remember for the rest of my life.


Sebastijan Lukovnjak. (Photo: Dejan Bulut)
Do you usually follow Eurovision, and do you have a favourite Eurovision song?

Yes, I follow Eurovision every year, usually with my family or friends. Slovenian competitors are competing and we cheer for them. I think most Slovenians are Eurovision lovers. Through the years many winning songs were from the Scandinavian countries. Their pop music has great tradition and a lot of “earworms”. If I look through the last 15 years I remember the “Fly on the wings of love” from the Olsen brothers from 2000 and Loreen with Euphoria (2012). They´re both great songs, that stick in your head.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Dynamic – witty – kind.

What do you usually do when you are not singing?
I’m really happy that I do what I love – singing and playing guitar in different projects and bands. When I’m not working I like to spend time in the nature and go for a walk with my dog. I’m an outgoing person, so I love to spend some quality time with my friends. I also like to cook, especially a nice veggie meal.
And finally, do you have a message for all of the readers of ESCBubble, who will support you in EMA?
I like to invite all your readers to my FB page to check out what I do. There you can find my songs and all the information about my gigs. To everyone who will be watching the EMA2016 contest, you are invited to vote for my song “Tales of tommorow” 😉

We would like to thank Sebastijan Lukovnjak for taking his time for talking to ESCBubble. Last, but not least, take a look at the Leonart‘s music video for “Moje Mesto” – a band, where Sebastijan Lukovnjak is a part of it! Enjoy!

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