Swingfly: “You Carved Your Name is about being crazy in love”

Swingfly (Ricardo DaSilva II) is no stranger to Melodifestivalen, as he took part in this competition back in 2011 with his song “Me And My Drum”, which apart from coming 5th in Melodifestivalen also became his most successful hit in his career, reaching number 2 in the Swedish charts. Swingfly is back in the contest this year, and this time he teamed up with Helena Gutarra, and together they will try and win the host country ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, with the song “You Carved Your Name”.

We had a great pleasure to chat with Swingfly about his new entry in this competition, his stage plans, and much more. You can read everything he told us in this interview right here:

Hello Swingly, thank you so much for your time for doing this interview with us. We are very excited to know more about your upcoming participation at Melodifestivalen. What can you tell us about your song “You carved your name”?

The song is about being crazy in love, just fast and energetic! 

Why did decide to return to Melodifestivalen this year?

I felt It was time plus we had a GREAT song! 

How did your partnership with Helena Gutarra was formed?

We have recorded a song before but never me until after we got in the festival. I heard a lot of great things about her and we got some work in.

How are you getting ready for Melodifestivalen?

Well we are doing some rehearsals and basically trying to focus. 

You are competing with different team than in 2011. What will this new team bring you and your participation in Melodifestivalen?

The new team I’ve worked with before 2011 Jocke Ahlund, Andreas are really really good friends, we actually hangout together so we got a close connection. 

Are there similarities between “Me and My Drum” and “You carved your name”? And what are the main differences between those two songs?

The similarities are fast tempo,energetic, happy. The difference is we have Helena Gutarra who is just as great on stage with energy like myself and Jocke Ahlund and Andreas Kleerup you can’t so no to that! 

You did very well in your previous Melodifestivalen participation, easily reaching the final. What will you bring from that experience? And what will you do differently?

I bring the same thing, a heavy performance as well as great story telling. Differently we’ll be working with Juck, a fantastic girl dance group who will absolutely add to the show. 

What were the highlights of your previous participation and what have your learned?

Reaching the finals and getting to reach a whole new audience. I learned that this is really a hard business.

You will be competing in the third semi-final. Who do you see as you biggest competition in that semifinal? And in the whole contest?

I pass on both questions I think everyone is a problem at this point ?

What can you tell us about your upcoming performance? What are you plans in terms of staging and outfit?

Styling is a mix of the rockers/Teds with now and more dance routines from the dancers.

Do you have a forthcoming album in the pipeline? If so, when will it be released and what can you tell us about it?

We are planning an album, not sure when it comes out but it’s in the works and it’s going to be a very interesting one. Jocke Ahlund will produce and write on this and said he’ll bring in the calvary on it as well. Stay tuned I promise it will be nothing out there!

Thank you very much Swingfly for your time once again, and we wish you the best of luck in Melodifestivalen!

Whilst we are waiting to hear “You Carved Your Name”, give a listen to his entry from Melodifestivalen 2011 – “Me And My Drum” right here:

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