These are YOUR qualifiers of Heat 3 of A Dal!

The third and the final heat of A Dal 2016 will take place tonight in the MTVA’s studio in Budapest. A total of 10 acts will compete for the remaining six places in one of the two semi finals.

In the past week days we ran a poll where you could vote for your six favourite songs out of the 10 which are competing tonight, and here are the results:

  1. Oliver Berkes & Andi Toth – Seven Seas – 18,08%
  2. Viki Singh – Katonak – 15,05%
  3. Szilvia Agardi – It Is Love – 14,45%
  4. Juli Horanyi – Come Along – 13,99%
  5. Petruska – Trouble In My Mind – 12,48%
  6. Nika – Beautiful Love – 9,00%
  7. Iv – Love Kills Me – 7,41%
  8. Balint Gajer – Speed Bump – 4,99%
  9. Parno Graszt – Mar nem szedulok – 3,03%
  10. B The First – You Told Me You Loved Me – 1,51%

Our ESCBubble editors have also listened to the 10 songs competing tonight, and voted. These are the six acts our editors think should qualify (purely based on the studio versions of the songs):

  1. Viki Singh – Katonak
  2. Oliver Berkes & Andi Toth – Seven Seas
  3. Juli Horanyi – Come Along
  4. Petruska – Trouble In My Mind
  5. Nika – Beautiful Love
  6. Iv – Love Kills Me

Our readers and our editors agree on five songs that should qualify tonight – Oliver & Andi, Viki Singh, Juli Horanyi, Petruska and Nika. Our readers have Szilvia Agardi in the top six, while our editors think that Iv should be the one to qualify in tonight’s show. Ironically, B The First managed to finish in last place in both votings.

We will have a rolling blog of tonight’s show live from Budapest, and we will translate for you everything that happens in the show, so stay with us tonight. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and like our Facebook page, as exclusive material from tonight’s heat will be posted on our social media channels.

Our poll won’t close until the end of tonight’s show, so you can still cast your votes here:

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