Kasia Mos: “My aspiration is to be authentic in every aspect of my life”

Kasia Mos will take part in Polish National Final 2016 with “Addiction”. This singer is known thanks to her participation in “Must be the music” talent-show where she reached the final. Worth to know, she performed in “The Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Review” with Mya, Kelly Osbourne and Carmen Electra. Those most passionate fans should remember her from Polish National Final 10 years ago where she fight for the right to represent Poland in Athens with “I wanna know”. But that was 10 years ago – now she is coming back, stronger than before!

What was your first reaction when you received the news you will take part in Polish National Final again?

I had many positive thoughts in my mind. Second reaction – Oh God, what I’m gonna wear that evening (laughing)!

It’s your second participation in Polish National Final and first one was 10 years ago. Why did you decide to take part again?

It’s 10th anniversary already! I received many messages from fans and they asked me to apply with “Addiction” to TVP. They said it’s very good song and that I have to tried – that’s what I’ve made and… here I am again. Thank you all! That’s all because of you!

Who composed “Addiction” and how was this song created?

My brother Mateusz and our friend Pawel Olszowka wrote the music, lyrics are mine. “Addiction” was not composed for Eurovision, it was made much earlier. I remember I showed the draft on the piano to my brother and he said it’s kinda cool. He started to work on this song and few months later it was ready.

Your song had the radio premiere on 22nd February. What are the differences between the first and second versions?

We shortened the radio version to 3 minutes according to the rules so because of that the instrumental moments are somewhat decreased. Radio version is like “Addiction” in a pill.

What’s the reason to sing in English? 

I knew that from the beginning, that it will have English lyrics. It suits much better to the melody which I came up with.

Do you think you will use the potential of this song throught the lights effects and choreography? That could results with great result on Eurovision. Do you expect comparisons to Loreen?

The most important is to sing it well live and that’s my main goal. I think I will present some moves which I made on videoclip. This song is quite calm so there is no need for crazy choreography. I’m definately into lights effects and visualizations, we will use them for sure. I admit, I didn’t know Loreen before but I’ve listen to some songs and I like it! I think no one will compare us as we are singing in totally different way.

You have many listeners in Poland. What European fans should know about you? How would you like to present yourself to Europe?

For sure I would tell them to listen to my album, and they will learn a lot about me and my inner side. It’s all about what I am, who I am, what I’m beliving in and what is important to me – everything is inside my lyrics. My aspiration is to be authentic in every aspect of my life.

Do you have any message for ESCbubble readers who will follow the National Final on 5th March?

Aim for more than you think to reach. And about my performance…just please, keep your fingers crossed!

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