Melodifestivalen voting details released – Frans breaks a record again!

SVT has just released the voting details of Melodifestivalen 2016, which can be found in a PDF-file SVT has compiled over here(Click!).
Let’s walk through them heat by heat:

Deltävling 1

In the first week it wasn’t highly popular returnee Ace Wilder who won the heat but debutant Robin Bengtson! He got most votes in both of the voting rounds. The duos Samir & Viktor and Albin & Mattias both qualified comfortably ahead of Mimmi Werner who came 5th.

Deltävling 2

During the second heat it was Wiktoria who lived up to the expectations of having been put out last to perform in this heat, she won this heat ahead of David Lindgren. He clearly had trouble keeping Isa at bay, who almost qualified instead of him. Molly Pettersson came a bit behind but still qualified to Andra Chansen with ease as she was in a comfortable lead against Krista Siegfrieds who came 5th.

Deltävling 3

The 3rd heat was won by Idol-winner Lisa Ajax and with her to the final went Oscar Zia by coming 2nd in this heat. At quite some distance followed Boris René as a 3rd-placer and SaRaha in fourth place, who managed to stay ahead of SMILO by getting quite a bunch of votes in the second voting round. In the first voting round SMILO were ahead of her, but she managed to overtake them due to a lot of votes during that second round.

Deltävling 4

Then, in the fourth heat, the winner became not, as many expected before hearing the songs, Molly Sandén, but Frans! Frans managed to do so by getting over 1 million votes in the two voting rounds combined, a new record in Melodifestivalen, as no one had ever gotten over a million votes in a heat. Panetoz came third and at a huge distance followed Dolly Style, grabbing the last ticket to Andra Chansen.

Andra Chansen 

In Andra Chansen, Panetoz absolutely crushed Molly Pettersson Hammar during the first duel by getting almost the double amount of votes. In the second duel Boris René managed to stay ahead of Albin & Mattias in a quite even duel (46,79% against 53,21%), but the 3rd duel was even more close: SaRaha beat Isa very narrowly there, 50,36% for SaRaha vs 49,64% for Isa. Isa has been very unlucky, nearly missing out in both her own heat and in Andra Chansen. The fourth duel was a cery clear one again, where Samir & Viktor beat Dolly Style by huge numbers.


For the final we already know each placing but seeing the numbers, combined with the percentages used for the points division we’ve already seen, it might become even clearer how much of an even final this was.

The biggest amount of votes percentagewise, next to getting the actual biggest amount, got Frans, sweeping up 22,23% of the votes cast in that heat. Very impressive, however, the record is still with Yohio, who in the first heat of 2013 got in 47,2% of the votes.

Some facts:

The smallest margin in the contest was, as said, Isa vs SaRaha in Andra Chansen: 0,72%, just 11 231 votes.

Other narrow escapes include SaRaha getting just 11 411 votes more than SMILO in her heat and Ace Wilder only getting 2590 votes more than Boris René, both standing for 35 points from the televoters.


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