Mihai: “I think Paradisio is better than Tornero”

The Grand Final of Selectia Nationala takes place tonight, where six acts will battle it out which will be the one to represent Romania in Eurovision 2016! ESCBubble is in Baia Mare, and we caught up with Mihai Traistariu, who already represented Romania in Eurovision 2006 with “Tornero”, and is now back trying to win tonight’s final with “Paradisio”.

We spoke to Mihai about his memories of Eurovision in Athens, his new song “Paradisio”, the problems with his video clip, and he also told us that he already has a contract signed with four different countries! Check out everything he told us in this interview right here:

Give a listen to Mihai’s song “Paradisio” right here:

If Mihai is your personal favourite to win tonight’s show, make sure you cast your vote for him in our poll here:

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  1. MarioVision says

    Totally RIDICULOUS that he claims that *Paradisio* is better than *Tornero*.
    If you asked all these thousands eurofans over 90% of them will say that Tornero is (even) much better song than Paradisio.
    ”Paradisio” is fine OK song but its just weak.
    NOT winner material song at all!
    When ”Tornero” was truly #1 top song!
    That song just RULED the year of 2006 in whole Europe.
    But of course he wants to support his song ”Paradisio” when he competes with that one today in the romanian NF.
    I like his new song but im not crazy at all about that.
    BUT i was crazy in 2006 about ”Tornero”.
    I even consider it the ultimate best dance esc track of all times in EuroVision.
    So i really don’t want to read foolish things by Mihai.
    Its like the music artists that when release new albums cds they claim that its their best record or from the best albums in their discography just only to sell many copies & make the people buy them.

    Anyway.If Mihai wins tonight & goes to Stockholm i really don’t think that he will win with that song.
    If ”Tornero” was in the place of ”Paradisio” then i would already give/award him the trophy of the 61st EuroVision.
    So just please & give me a break.

    I think that the blame that he ”only” scored 4th place with ”Tornero” in Athens is because of his poor live performance.

  2. Graham Ridge says

    No way near as good as Tornero

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