Taraka: “Excitement and adrenaline help us to work intensely”

Band Taraka: Karol Kus (guitar, vocal), Marian Lomaha (violin), Roman Chraniuk (bas, contrabass) and Jakub Miarczynski (percussion). They came from Poland and Ukraine. Taraka’s music is mostly in folk style and they performed on many concerts and manifestation i.e. to support Ukrainian Euromaidan. Their Eurovision bid is “In the rain” which was released few days ago and collect many positive opinions. We spoke to the band about their music and preparations for the show scheduled for 5th March.

What was your first reaction when you discovered that you will take part in Polish National Final 2016?

It’s not ordinary news so our excitement and increased level of adrenaline were quite natural reaction. This help us to work intensely.

The jury qualified your song “In the rain” to the National Final. Why did you decide to take part in this competition?

We planned to released “In the rain” together with videoclip but due to many fan requests we broke down and our song is already published online. It’s not big discovery that Eurovision is the most popular non-sport competition and even with palpable reluctance from Polish viewers side, this prestige show is watched by 100 millions people. We also want to add the factor which should be always connected with the definition of art: the will to promote the truth, our ideas and opinions as well as changing human life.

What are your nearest plans regarding the Polish National Final?

Within few days we visited some TV shows such as “Pytanie na sniadanie” (TVP2), “Teleexpress”, “Swiat sie kreci” (TVP1) and “Dzien Dobry TVN” (TVN – private broadcaster). And we will keep responding for e-mails and phone calls.

Taraka consists of members with Polish and Ukrainien roots. One of your competitior in National Final will be Belarussian band Napoli. Should artists from abroad take part in Polish competition?

We arein common with majority of Polish public opinion – we should focus on Polish artists because our country has many good musicians. In Taraka’s case our main part is Polish. We have only one Ukrainian member – our violinist. The bass player connects those two countries – he was born in Poland but he recognizes himself as Ukrainian.

What can you say about your music and activity?

We try to be honest towards our nature that’s why we are including Slavic music in our art. This music was “prostitued” by Communism period, and in that times we had that music only in one official version and there was huge disgrace to listen to it. I remember when I was suffered when came back from one of my concert and my parents listen to “Z malowanej skrzynki” during the radio audition. My soul was crying when I heard this fiddler and shrill voices. Ukraine and the musican from this country – Marian Lomaha – changed it. He opened the “box” with totally different Slavic music and I wasn’t aware how mine is that music and that I can feel good in this style. Nothing better could have happened to me. I’m going on stage and don’t pretend to be someone else. And what’s most important – I’m singing about true life. Because you cannot lie to this music and singing about simple things. It is as if Afro American musican tries to fool the blues. That’s exactly what this music is for us, for Slavic people. And no one, except us, can show the soul of it.

Ukraine is coming back to Eurovision after one year break. How strong are your connections with this country and it’s music.

Our strong connection with this Eastern neighbour began with the song “Give a hand to Ukraine”. We had the opportunity 1to perform it in February 2014 on Maidan in Kiev for 150.000 people singing together with us. The song became one of the anthem of the Revolution and it brought us with concerts to Donbas, to the war zone. The situation in Ukraine changed us in good way. Maybe it sounds trivially, but it sensitized us for others suffering. We started to help the humanitarian organizations, starting with Caritas in Drohobitsh towards the refugees centres and hospitals in East Ukrainie ands even on the first front line. We gave many humanitarian concerts and huge part from incomes of our album “Give a hand to Ukraine” went to families of people shot in Maidan. We have many fans and friends in Ukraine. Once our bass player visited the hospital in Svatov on East Ukraine and nurses created big queue as each of them wanted to take a picture with him when they learned he his Taraka’s member.

Do you have a message to ESCbubble readers who will watch Polish National Final?

We hope you like our song and we wanted your choice of the favorite one to be dictated by your ears and hearts and not your eyes. We are counting on you and your support!

Watch the official videoclip of “In the rain” right here:

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