Changes in the voting presentation announced!

According to, Germany’s official Eurovision website, there will be yet another big change when it comes to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 16 sets of televoting results will be showed on screen, while the hosts will read out the results of those countries who finished in the televoters’ top 10!

This year, the spokesperson’s job is going to be to read out who got the 12 points from the jury in every country. The points 1-10 will automatically be showed on the screen. After all 43 countries have presented their jury results, the points of the countries which finished 11th-26th in the televoting will be shown on the screen, and these scores will be added up with the points of all the jurors.

The results of those who finished in the televoters’ top 10 will be read out by the hosts, starting from the country which finished 10th, all the way up to the one that won the televoting. This is a similar system to what happens in Melodifestivalen, as until the very last moment, we won’t know who the winner is – unless the winner of the jury votes have also won the televoting.

What do you think of this change? Will it make the show more, or less exciting? Let us know in the comments below, or on our social media pages.

  1. Neville says

    If this true, it’s boring as hell.

    I liked the new voting system but please all the votes should be announced from 26th-1st.

  2. Saro says

    booooooring!!!!! baaad! RIP Eurovision 🙁

  3. raymond says

    I don’t like this voting, BORING!!!!
    Maybe the last time that i’m looking to Eurovision….
    Why must everything changes???

  4. Kristina says

    That will make it much less exciting! The new voting system is good but it’s so boring if the ones ended up 11th to 26th will just appear on the screen.. 🙁

    1. Adam says

      well in the old system entries that come in the last places only appear on the screen also. (if they don’t get any 8/10/12).

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