Justs releases his new EP “To Be Heard”

It is the first post-Eurovision week, but there is no time for artists to experience PED. It’s time to release new singles, EPs, albums, videos etc. These days Justs Sirmais is visiting radio stations in his homeland Latvia and one of the reasons for it is promoting his new songs.

Altogether 3 songs were released this week, and 1 of them is in Latvian language. “Ko tu dari” is a funk pop tune and reminds of his collaboration with Latvian musician Gacho. You can listen to it right here:

For international audience 2 songs EP “To Be Heard” would be more interesting. ”Fly Away” and ”Have It All” continue the electro-pop story of “Heartbeat”, but in a more soul way and sound like calm after the storm as they are perfect for a relaxed evening. Or for a hurt heart. You can buy the EP on iTunes and listen to the songs right here:


source: http://skaties.lv/ 07.02.2016 Supernova 2016
source: skaties.lv 07.02.2016 Supernova 2016

Justs placed 15th last Saturday and it was the second successful year for Latvia after 6 non-qualifying attempts in a row. It’s a well known fact that last year Latvian participant Aminata wrote “Heartbeat” and invited Justs to participate, but the core team behind these two Latvian entries was the same: Kaspars Ansons produced the songs, Julija Fricsone-Gavriss is artists producer and Andzej Gavriss is director. Julija and Andzej are the people behind production company “Imagine Pictures”, that filmed Justs’ official music video for “Heartbeat” and Aminata’s “Love Injected”.

It seems we know the recipe of the Latvian success in Eurovision for the last 2 years. Eurovision doesn’t stop with the final titles and we have the whole summer to explore more new music so I suggest that in case you want to get to know Latvian pop music, you can start with “Imagine Pictures” videos (you can spot Aminata’s “Fighter” as well):


Did you miss the “Heartbeat” official video? You’d better watch it now! Do you know that in the video three actresses played the main role at once?

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