Full Split Results of Eurovision 2016 revealed!

After the show, the EBU revealed the full split results of the semi-finals and final of this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

In the first semi-final: Russia won with a total of 342 points, followed by Armenia (243 points) and Malta (209 points). Estonia finished in last place with 24 points, Moldova finished 17th (33 points) and Greece 16th with 44 points.

Here are the full split results of the first semi-final with the jury and televoting points:

semi final 1

In the second semi-final: Australia received 330 points, followed by Ukraine (287 points) and Belgium (274 points). Switzerland finished last with 28 points, Denmark 17th with 34 points and Albania 16th with 45 points.

semi-final 2


Some interesting stats: Switzerland only received 3 points from the televoters, while Juri from Estonia only received 9 points from the jury. In the first semi-final the qualifiers received, on average 200 points, 101 from the jury and 99 from the televoters. In the second semi-final the 10 finalists received on average, 199 points (98 from the jury and 101 from the televoters).

During the final, Petra first announced the jury points. Then Mans joined her to announce the televoting results. First, here are the televoting points:

final televoting

Finally, here are the jury points in the same order as the televoting results:

final jury

Some interesting stats: Michal Spzak, from Poland, only received 7 points from the jury, but finished third in the televoting, with 222 points. On the contrary, Gabriela from Czech Republic received 41 points from the jury and none from the televoters.

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  1. David Ramsey says

    The Ukrainian song should not have been allowed because it divides the people of Europe.

    The bias of the European TV juries was an injustice against the desire of the voting people’s of Europe.

    I would suspect some sort of bribery to promote favoured candidates.

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