ESCBubble reviews “Throw The Dice” by Barei!

Now that Stockholm is becoming a distant memory, we are left with a wealth of great new songs and new artists to explore before we start working  our way towards Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine

One of the legacies from Stockholm is Spanish artist Barei.  She released her album “Throw The Dice” in April, but it’s only now that we can really pay attention to it, and we thought that you’d like to know what we thought!

We were lucky enough to get the “Deluxe” version of the album, which includes a couple of tracks not on the original release, but we’ve reviewed them all for you


  1. Say Yay!

We all know this song so well now, and it makes for a great opener.  We can recite every lyric, and we still do the dramatic drop to the floor,  however our attempts at the foot dance  require a bit of work!

  1. Super Ranger

Moving on to “Super Ranger” This has a great summery feel, it’s not too taxing and flows along in a soulful disco way.  Barei tells us to show her our moves, but as mentioned above, they still require a bit of work..

  1. You Fill Me Up

This is more of a power anthem, starting off with Barei’s vocals at the forefront before relaxing into a mid tempo beat with lots of clapping accompanying the vocal overlays.  “It’s more than physical, it’s supernatural ” – not exactly, but it’s definitely one of my favourites from the album as a whole

  1. Who Plays The Drums?

I remember this from the London Preview Party where Barei got to sing this in addition to her Eurovision entry.  It’s a natural progression from “Say Yay”, same feel to it, and it’s a comfortable listen – this would have been equally good in Stockholm with a brass section, and even a couple of opportunities for the all important dramatic fall to the floor!

5. Throw The Dice

Moving on to the title track now, it’s a ballad with Barei’s vocals being front and centre before an anthemic chorus leads into a rather intrusive drum beat.  It reminds me of something from the National Final season, but I can’t remember what!

  1. Wildest Horses

OK, another ballad.  The lyrics are not great, and I do think that Barei’s voice is better suited to more up-tempo tracks.    The inevitable gospel choir kicks in at about 2:20 and whoever did the sound production clearly had no problem with turning them up to 11 on the volume scale, even though I know they’re coming, they make me jump every time … The video is gorgeous though


  1. Jump The Gun

Back to mid-tempo and I for one am happy about that! Actually “Jump The Gun” has quite an interesting music track behind it , and whilst Barei’s vocals tend to the higher range of comfortable, it’s a good listen

  1. Kingdom Of Paradox

The title doesn’t make for an easy rhyming couplet, and luckily, Barei doesn’t try.  This sounds different from the other tracks, and appears to have more of Barei herself in it.  Nice

  1. Point of No Return

This is an odd one, a bit rappy to begin with , but settles into another mid-tempo female power track and then another rap bit, you get the idea!

  1. Foolish Nana

Now there will be those amongst you who think that this song might be a dig at one of her competitors in Objetivo Eurovisión, but in reality it’s about not believing “your foolish Na-na” and first appeared back in 2013! it’s a great dance track and will get you back to the direction you’ve been wanting this album to go. She looks a bit different in the video!



11. Weather Girl

And the bangers keep coming! Admittedly, if you are not paying attention you could be forgiven for thinking that this is still Foolish Nana playing, as it has an identical beat.  But never mind, it’s got some great moments, and you’ll be dancing around your living room in no time.  There’s a hint of a dropped f-bomb at 1:45, but it could just be my ears.

  1. Sacrifice

Straight from the Melfest cutting room floor, another dancey track which flows around you quite comfortably

  1. I Don’t Wanna Lose You

Slight change of tempo, more power ballady again, with lyrics full of angst at the possibility of a  lost love. ” I´m feeling we´re becoming memories, I don´t wanna be your past, wanna be the last for you” Don’t worry Barei, they’ll not leave you!

  1. Get Up And Go

I think this track (from the deluxe album) is pure class.  It’s not dancey, it’s not a ballad – and Barei’s voice sounds much more assured with one of those great “Woah -oh-ay-oh” hooks that will stay with you long after the album has finished.  Nice bit of guitar as well, and whilst’ it’s not particularly original, it’s a great finisher

We also get an instrumental Say Yay! for our money on the deluxe version, and it will take you straight back to Stockholm, but this time with you as the star turn!


As a whole, it’s a great album –  If you are looking for something innovative and ground-breaking, then keep walking, there’s nothing to see here.  However, if you are looking for your soundtrack to Summer ’16, this might just be what you’re after.

“Throw The Dice” is available on iTunes, Spotify and all usual outlets

Read more on Barei’s official page

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