The Romanian government will be paying TVR’s debt!

Last April 22nd, Romania was denied the right to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, because TVR had not paid their debt to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The total sum of money they owe the EBU is 17 million Swiss Francs, which is 15,3 million Euros.
Now the Romanian government has announced to change current legislation regarding their budget to make sure TVR can pay their debt to the EBU.
According to a document that is in the possession of, the government will be amending the legislation by emergency ordinance.

In the law’s current state it’s stated that the Romanian radio company and the Romanian television company have to use the funding they get from the government to cover development costs, the purchase of equipment, spare parts for radio and television, utensils used for specific activities and all that is necessary for the use of transmitters, radio relays, video and sound circuits and communications systems. But that means that all other costs, including debts to other organisations, should be covered by the two companies (Romanian radio and Romanian television) themselves.
The change in legislation will make it now possible for TVR to use their received funding for safeguarding, as a case of national interest and for the payment of contributions to international organisations. In other words: they will be able to use their funding to pay off their debt to the EBU!

The fact that TVR lost the right to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest and a prodecure has started to evict them from the EBU, which also means they lost the right to broadcast the FIFA World Cup tournaments of 2018 and 2022, the governent decided that it is necessary to ”create a legal framework that ensures the necessary funds so financial obligations to the EBU can be paid”.

The future will tell if TVR will be able to pay their debts and get full EBU broadcasting rights again.

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