Andi Tóth: “I want the whole stage to be mine”

After last year’s success in A Dal with “Seven Seas” and a duet with Olivér Berkes, Andi Tóth is back in the competition, but this year as a soloist. She is trying to win Hungary’s Eurovision ticket to Kiev with her song “I’ve Got A Fire”.

We met up with Andi Tóth, and she spoke to us about her experience in A Dal last year, why is she entering again this year, what her plans for the future are, as well as who is her personal favorite in the competition this year. Due to some technical difficulties we are unable to post the video for this interview, but everything Andi Tóth told us you can read right here:

Hello Andi! For the start of the interview, can you tell us how did you decide to take part in A Dal once again?

I wasn’t thinking about competing again in A Dal this year, to be honest. Johnny K. Palmer asked me to sing this song he wrote for me for this competition, and I didn’t regret entering it at all because this song is just fantastic.

How did you start collaborating with Johnny?

When I was in A Dal last year together with Olivér Berkes, it was Johnny who wrote that song as well. This year, I don’t know, he decided that he would like to write a song for me again, but this time as a soloist. There are also a couple of other songs he wrote that made it to the contest, and it’s no surprise as he is a fantastic, and very talented songwriter.

Andi Tóth 2How was your experience in A Dal last year, and what did you learn by taking part in this show?

Well in last year’s show I fainted, so I learnt not to be stressed out so much 🙂 Also, last year’s performance together with Olivér was great, and it was very important to me because it was my first ever duet. I then also realized how important it is to me to be a soloist, as I want the whole stage to be mine 🙂 And obviously, I hope I will get further in the competition this year 🙂

Can you tell me more about what your song is about?

In the past two years, unfortunately, none of my plans turned out well. This song is about how people should not be closed and alone, they have to break free, and this is what I am doing with this song, or at least that is how I feel. So this song is about me, and I think it is good enough to just hear it, and everyone will find themselves in it at least a little bit.

What are your plans for the stage, how is everything going to look like?

I had various dreams and thoughts about how I would like to stage this song. I will have a couple of vocalists with me on stage, a band – it is a big dream of mine to perform with a band so there will definitely be one, and my dress will be very exotic and extreme 🙂

Why should you be the one to win A Dal, and represent Hungary in Kiev?

My main goal is not to win, nor to go to Kiev. My main goal is to reach many people with this song, people who will then feel what I feel. I will do everything I can to make it through, and I hope people will like my song and performance.

Is there any song in this competition you would particularly like to see in Kiev, apart from your own?

The one who would really earn his place to represent Hungary this year in Eurovision is David Henderson. His song is very up-to-date, full of emotions, sexy, and well put together.

Are you working on any other projects currently, apart from A Dal?

I planned a lot of things for 2017. In the past two years I was also thinking a lot of acting work instead of singing, but I would like to release an album soon, do some concerts, and to travel all over the world. So I hope I’ll be able to fulfill as many of these as possible.

Thank you very much Andi, and we wish you the best of luck in A Dal!

If Andi Tóth is one of your personal favorites in this week’s heat of A Dal, make sure you cast your vote for her, and for five other acts, in our poll right here:

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Give a listen to “I’ve Got A Fire” right here:

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