Kevin Borg: “Follow is an intense love story”

Kevin Borg is a well known artist not only in Malta, but is also very well known in Sweden. His songs have charted as number 1 in both countries, and this great artist is now giving it another go at the Maltese Eurovision national selection. After winning the televoting in 2013 with his song “Needing You” and finishing second overall, Kevin is back this year with the song called “Follow”.

We had a great pleasure to talk to Kevin, and in our chat he was telling us more about the story behind his song, why he would like to represent Malta in Eurovision 2017 in Kiev, and he also told us who he thinks is going to be his biggest competition in getting to Kiev. Read all that and more in this interview right here:

Hello Kevin! First of all, congratulations to making it to the MESC final once again! For the start of this interview, can you please tell us more about the story behind your song, and the team who worked on it?

First of all I would like to thank you Ervin for taking your time to give us promotion on your popular website. The story behind my song “Follow” is an intense love story between two people who’s life takes a different turn. I tried to be a little bit more experimental on the lyrics making it seem freshly put out of a fantasy movie. The main person in the song has lost someone close to his heart but he has a power that what he dreams can become reality. So he makes it a point that he dreams her back to life, even if it means getting stuck in his own dream and dying. The team behind the song is my self and my colleague from Sweden Simon Gribbe.

How are you getting ready for the night of the final?

I am focusing on a lot of different aspects but mostly the song on stage!

Kevin BorgWhat do you usually do when you are not singing?

When I’m not singing, I usually write and produce, especially for the Asian Market. Having had seven number ones in Japan makes it awesome to keep writing.

What do you think of the rule change in this year’s MESC, that only the public will pick the winner?

I think that it’s a good thing that the public has the biggest vote, of course.

Why should you be the one to represent Malta in Kiev this year?

I think that I have a lot to offer, and I truly believe that when I wrote and produced my song “Follow” together with Simon, something magical was created! I believe that whoever wins will represent Malta in a very good way though, cause I think everyone in the competition is really awesome.

Who do you think is your biggest competition to win this year?

My biggest competition is definitely Jade Vella with her fantastic song “Seconds Away”.  She’s young and brings something really fresh to this show. I wrote and produced her song as well 🙂

Are you currently involved in any other projects, apart from MESC?

At the moment I am involved in quite a lot of projects. One of them being my own record company K_ Records. We have started to work from our studios in Sweden to bring great new artists to the stage. My upcoming album is a work in progress as well! But first we focus now on the National Final in Malta!!

Ok Kevin, now in order to get to know you a little bit better, we have a couple of slightly more personal questions. Firstly, what would be your favorite book?

Family Man / Dumb and Dumber

Your own signature dish?

Risotto with porcini mushrooms, parmeggiano and red wine 😉

In a movie about your life, who would be playing you?

I’d like to play it myself hehe but if it’s not possible… I guess Justin Timberlake.

What would you bring to a desert island?

A fishing rod, some music and a big boat so I can leave whenever I want.

Your ideal duet-partner would be…?

Celine Dion / Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert, Shay & Dan from Nashville.

The last song you listened to was…?

Haha I could tell you “Follow”, but it was actually “Skyscraper” from one of my favorite artists Demi Lovato.

Thank you very much for your time Kevin, and we wish you the very best of luck at the MESC Final!

Thank You 🙂

If Kevin Borg is your personal favorites in the Maltese selection this year, you can cast your vote for him in our poll here:


Give a listen to Kevin’s entry “Follow” right here:

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