LIVE: The Final of UMK17 from Finland!

Tonight, live from the yle studios in Helsinki, Finland will choose their representative for this years’ Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Kyiv in May!

Ten performers will sing live to win a mixture of public and jury votes to become Finland’s 51st representative in the contest.

Performing tonight are :

1. Emma – Circle of Light
2. Alva – Arrows
3. Günther & D’Sanz – Love Yourself
4. Anni Saikku – Reach Out For The Sun
5. Knucklebone Oscar & The Shangri-La Rubies – Caveman
6. Norma John – Blackbird
7. Lauri Yrjölä – Helppo elämä
8. Club La Persé – My Little World
9. Zühlke – Perfect Villain
10. My First Band – Paradise

A preview show was held on Thursday, the results of which will count towards the public’s 50% share of the final results.  See the result of Thursday’s show here

The jury votes for UMK are usually made up of professionals from various Finnish industries, however this year they have decided on an International Jury, and therefore scores will be revealed from Spain , Iceland , United Kingdom , Israel , Latvia , Norway , France ,Sweden , Ukraine and Estonia

The show starts tonight at 2000 CET, 1900 GMT (2100 local time) and of course ESCBubble will be live blogging this event with Jan and Anne taking you through all the action

Join in by commenting below, tell us your favourites and if you haven’t already, then vote in our poll!

You can also tweet us @escbubble using #UMK17 – Danny will be updating the feed with all the news!

You can watch the show along with us by clicking here

  1. Russ Patterson says

    Norma is likely to win. I would prefer Lauri and having Finnish language at esc! Good job Anne, you are the ideal person for this job, Great stuff.

  2. Russ Patterson says

    My First band and their references to Paradise which is a new word for it! A bit dated sounding to these ears!

  3. Russ Patterson says

    Zuhlke reminds me of Hera Bjork looks wise. Nice cleavage and that’s just the male dancer!!

  4. Russ Patterson says

    Club La Perse, of course avant garde acts are there to be subversive but I am not sure there was an actual song there!

  5. Russ Patterson says

    Lauri was my pre show favourite but I was disappointed by the staging, could have been so much more impactful given the dance beats. I would love to see the word “elama” back at ESC. I am channelling 1985!

  6. Russ Patterson says

    Reminds me of Anouk with “Birds”. Norma trying to recreate Holly Hunter in the Piano and lo and behold a lovely piano instrumental which has been my highlight!

  7. Russ Patterson says

    Anni Saiku, song was so boring, to me the worst possible trait for a esc song! Knucklebone Oscar – dreadful novelty not even funny unlike Gunther!

  8. Russ Patterson says

    Alva’s singing again off key and I haven’t seen a male pony tail for many a year!

  9. Russ Patterson says

    Emma’s vocals were a bit patchy but I still like the traditional elements to the song. Might have been assisted further if a portion of it was in Finnish for authenticity.

  10. Russ Patterson says

    Worried that dress will catch fire? Careful now as Fr Ted would say!

  11. Russ Patterson says

    UMK is usually amongst the best national song contests so high expectations ahead!

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