Jade Vella: “Seconds Away is something very fresh and different”

Jade Vella is a newcomer in the Maltese national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She is going to try and win the Maltese ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev with her song “Seconds Away”.

We had a small chat with Jade Vella, where we asked her about “Seconds Away” and the team behind it, the rule-change in the national final, as well as some more personal questions in order to get to know her a little better. Read everything she told us in this interview right here:

Hi Jade! First of all, congratulations to making it to the MESC final! How do you feel taking part in this competition for the very first time?

I am really honoured to be one of the finalists in this year’s MESC, as it was my first time submitting a song because I am still 16 years old. Arriving at this stage got me in tears and I feel very happy and excited to deliver “Seconds Away” to such a big audience.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your song, and the team who worked on it?

My song “Seconds Away” is mainly about teenage love, where a couple is seconds away from getting apart, but there is a big sense of determination from the girl so as to not leave her lover getting away from her. The main people who worked on this song was me who gave the idea of what I want, and then it was penned and produced by Kevin Borg who is in fact another finalist, and Simon Gribbe.

Jade VellaHow are you getting ready for the night of the final?

Getting ready for the final means a lot of things. It includes training, vocal lessons, rehearsals every day, and last but not least the pampering which every girl needs like for example: hair, make-up, nails etc…..

What do you usually do when you are not singing?

When I am not singing I am usually dancing because I am not just a singer but also a dancer. Moreover, I would be doing my homework or studying, because I am still a student and I am currently studying on Theatre and Performance.

What do you think of the rule change in this year’s MESC, that only the public will pick the winner this year?

I think it’s a good thing letting people decide, since after all the winning song is going to represent them and their country.

Why should you be the one to represent Malta in Kiev this year?

I believe highly in my song, since it’s something very fresh and different than what we see usually, so being the one to represent my lovely country would make me very proud.

Who do you think is your biggest competition to win this year?

This year there is a very good batch of songs, and every single song has that something unique which makes it special, so it’s a tough competition.

Are you currently involved in any other projects?

Right now I’m very focused on Eurovision, but after that more projects will be coming up, so stay tuned!

We also have a couple of questions for you just to get to know you a little bit better. What would be your favorite book?

My favourite book is the “Fault In Our Stars”, a very heart breaking story which gets me to tears every time i read it.

Favorite movie?

My favourite movie would be “A Walk To Remember”.

Your own signature dish?

My own signature dish is unique, funky and different.

In a movie about your life, who would be playing you?

In a film about my life, Alexandra Park would play my role.

What would you bring to a desert island?

I would bring a knife, loads of water, a blanket and some clothes to a desert island.

Your ideal duet-partner would be?

Rihanna would be my ideal duet-partner.

The last song you listened to was…?

The last song I listened to was in fact “Seconds Away”.

Thank you very much for your time, and we wish you the very best of luck at the MESC Final!

If Jade Vella is your personal favorite in the Maltese selection this year, you can vote for her song in our poll here:


Give a listen to Jade’s entry “Seconds Away” right here:

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