LIVE: Melodifestivalen 2017 deltävling 2

In a little while the second heat of Melodifestivalen 2017 will start in Malmö.
David Lindgren, Clara Henry and Hasse Andersson will be our hosts again.

This is the line up for tonight:

1. Mariette – A Million Years
2. Roger Pontare – Himmel och hav
3. Etzia – Up
4. Allyawan – Vart haru varit
5. Dismissed – Hearts Align
6. Lisa Ajax – I Don’t Give A
7. Benjamin Ingrosso – Good Lovin’

Follow us from 20:00 CET to see who will be joining Ace Wilder and Nano in the final and De Vet Du and Boris René in Andra Chansen.
The show can be followed over here: deltävling 2

Make sure to refresh and scroll down regularly in this post to get the latest updates on what’s happening in the show.

Live blog starts here:

And we’re off, with a little peek at what happened last week.

Hasse Andersson is singing a song to praise Skåne, his home region and the region Malmö is in.
David and Clara join in.

They’re introducing themselves again and Hasse gets by far the biggest cheer 😀

And the artists are being introduced now

Hasse is wishing for all of them to do well

And now we’re starting off with Mariette – A Million Years!

Mariette says she loves to be on  a snowboard, the freedom it gives!

This was nice! Strong message and I really liked the modern production.

Roger Pontare now! Who has represented Sweden twice already: in 1994 (with Marie Bergman) and in 2000.

Sweet song!

The hosts are being drilled in Christer’s schlager school right now!

Now we’re getting Etzia with ”Up”!

When Etzia came to Jamaica in 2008 she suddenly knew what she had to do. She stopped studying to be a civil economic and gave her all to the music. Etzia wants to be an example for women.

A light little song. Reminded me of last year’s Kizunguzungu a little.

Now it’s time for Allyawan, rapping the song ”Vart haru varit”

”Home is where your heart is” he says

This is the song containing the most words this year, by the way

Nice, I wish he would’ve been a bit better vocally, but really nice to have this kind of song in Melodifestivalen. I liked it!

Now we’re having Dismissed, with ”Hearts Align”, written by amongst others Ola Salo from The Ark (Sweden 2007)

Yeah, good! A mix between The Ark and U2, a job well done if you ask me.

Lisa Ajax is back now, after last year’s success with My Heart Wants Me Dead. This year with ”I Don’t Give A”

It’s modern, I wasn’t blown away, though. Vocally she was the best of the night so far, good job, Lisa!

Benjamin Ingrosso now, singing Good Lovin’. He won Melodi Grand Prix Nordic Jr. a few years ago. He is one of Pernilla Wahlgren’s sons.

Made me wanna dance! And he gave a good performance!

Now a little recap on all the songs.

Christer wants to know how good they are at improvising

David is giving us a medley of his favourite Melodifestivalen songs!

Hasse thought David did well there! At the end David made a point of showing how, according to him, all Linda Bengtzing songs end the same way.

Now, which songs advance…


6. Etzia – Up
7. Allyawan – Vart haru varit

The rest is through

These are: Mariette, Roger Pontare, Dismissed, Lisa Ajax and Benjamin Ingrosso.

Oh suddenly a women’s choir is thanking the televoters for voting!

Even the hosts are joining in

They got the results!

Mariette is the first one to the final!

Mariette is gonna sing her song again now and after that we’ll get the rest of the results…

David talks a little trivia and says Mariette is really afraid of spiders and that her favourite city in the world is New York, despite never having been there.

And Benjamin Ingrosso is the second finalist. Dismissed and Lisa Ajax went to Andra Chansen. Roger Pontare home.

Thanks again for being with us tonight and see you next week for the next heat!

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