LIVE! Second Semi final for the Ukraine National Selection

Welcome to Kyiv for the second of their national finals shows!

Ukraine continues their selection of the host entry for Eurovision 2017. Nicknamed #Vidbir2017 – tonight’s show sees 8 performances as follows:

  1. LETAY – Svit chekaye
  2. Mila Nitich – Mystery
  3. KUZNETSOV – Deep Shivers
  4. AGHIAZMA – Synthetic Sun
  5. DETACH – Distance
  6. ROZHDEN – Saturn
  7. Panivalkova – Let Me
  8. ILLARIA–Thank You For My Way

Votes will be on a 50/50 basis between televotes and jury votes, and we believe as 2 will go forward to the final which will be held on February 25th

The show is in two halves tonight, starting at 18.00 CET, there will be a break in proceedings from 20.30CE-21.30CET and the results will then be announced with the show scheduled to finish at 22.30CET

Tonight’s show will be broadcast entirely via this YouTube link

Join Daria watching all the fun tonight, and comment below with your thoughts. Don’t forget to refresh this page to get the updates.


Congratulations to Illaria and Rozhden for qualifying to the final!! Thank you for joining us 😉


  1. Illaria – 15
  2. Rozhden – 13
  3. Detach (televoting 6)
  4. Panivalkova – 10 (televoting 4)
  5. Kuznetsov – 9
  6. Aghiazma – 7
  7. Mila nitich – 6
  8. Letay – 2


8 Illaria

7  Kuznetsov

6 Detach

5 Rozhden

4 Panivalkova

3 Mila Nitich

2 Aghiazma

1 Letay

23.01 no interval acts 😉

23.00 So Rozhden won the jury voting! So we still need to know the last set of points by televoting. Let’s wait a bit

Jury points

8 Rozhden

7 Illaria

6 Panivalkova

5 Aghiazma

4  Detach

3 Mila Nitich

2 Kuznetsov

1 Letay

23.59 the highest points by jury is about to be announced!

23.55 The next 3 acts will receive their points announced by Jamala

22.54 They are discussing Mila’s pints and the reason for so few points

22.51 So the lowest points from jury.. announced by Andrey. 1-2-3

22.49 We are back. lines are closed!

===21.30-22.30 UKR time BREAK!=== see you in 1 hour

21.25 Televoting lines are open!

========it was the last song for today======

Online voting: 56% yes, 44% no

Jury on act 8:

Jamala: I didn’t like even Illaria is a very good singer and songwriter. I liked that you used Ukrainian sounds. but I don’t like the opera part.

Konstantin: I wouldn’t divide songs in slow and up tempo. This one is good. it was fascinating. I ask to vote for Illaria.

Andrey: I like staging, I like the song. It reminded me of Zlata’s performance at Eurovision. I’m not enthusiastic about the slow songs at Eurovision. But I wish good luck and I will leave it to televoting. /host reminded of Zlata’s 3rd place/

21.19 Is it difficult to sing when you have a wind in your face? /by host/

21.17 My opinion: So we are back to pop music. Unfortunately it’s not what I expected from Illaria…it’s not bad but it’s too weak after the previous interesting songs.

21.14 Time for Illaria! this is one of my fave singers from Ukraine. “You can listen to my songs in Canada, the US and the UK but not in Ukraine!”


Jury on act 7:

Online televoting: 42% yes, 58% no

Konstantin: it’s very smart music. nothing extra. it’s very minimalistic, nothing disturbs from the music and vocal. It’s not for everyone. I think such a music should be in our contest. it’s a part of contemporary music.

Andrey: I think that girls are at the beginning of their way. I don’t know how it wou;d have been at Eurovision but tonight it was the most extraordinary song. Keep on doing it!

Jamala: I like that we have so cool bands in Ukraine and that they want to go to Eurovision. It was a very good performance but I don’t know how it could be presented at Eurovision. I couldn’t understand where is the chorus in your song.

21.05 My opinion: Ukraine, what are you doing with me? Again good song! I like this world music sound mixed with pop lead vocal.

21.02 Panivalkova. Time for this female band! “This is the image of ideal woman”.


Online voting: 42% yes, 58% no

Jury on act 6:

Jamala: I like everything, the song is the coolest tonight. But please work on the vocal part, it could be better. I want more you in this song. /I agree, there is always the room for improvement. But this is the meaning. I need to feel every note/

Konstantin: I think that Rozhden is one of the most talented and promising young singers in our country. He wrote some really outstanding songs and I really would like me to write his song “Znayesh” so please vote for him, it’s our future.

Andrey: I liked it. The guy is not from Poltava….it was natural. I like your songs, very beautiful. If you are in the final please don’t be afraid of your back vocalist to interplay with you. I like the positive energy.

20.53 Who would you like to sing your songs? – I would like to sing what I’m writing…I started to think about it…. that I feel my songs better than anyone else.

20.51 My opinion. I like it…I really do. I think we are lucky to listen to a lot of good music tonight. ROZHDEN is probably the best package for Eurovisio, but let’s wait for jury’s opinion.

20.48 People don’t know me but know my songs. One guy asked me what kind is my music and I told him to google…in a while he replied that ROZHDEN’s song is on his phone.

20.47 Let’s go straight to number 6


20.46 13 mins and we are back!

20.33——–advert break———–

Jury on act 5:

Konstantin: I’ve known guys for a long time, I like their sound. It’s good that acts 4 and 5 goes one after another so we can compare. What is missing is madness as it’s too “academical” and a bit boring. Especially comparing to the previous band./but Konstantin agreed with the host that rock bands can be “normal” like Bon Jovi/

Jamala: I like it very much. I like the voice tone colour. You need to adjust some little things.

Andrey: (to the audience) applause! Band looks better than the solo singer. I’d say I like it.

Online voting: 60% yes 40% no

My opinion: I’ve always known Ukraine is a super cool rock country! So Detach prove it and yes it’s my fave now (how come I haven’t heard this song before?). This is 100% my music.

20.23 Act number 5! DETACH. They are  X factor semi finalists, they are not a pop band!


Online voting: 30% yes, 70% no

Jury on act 4:

Jamala: I agree that the performance was the whole package. I like it.

Andrey: Aren’t you from Poltava?…. I was glad when they got to the stage because I like different genres but boring things. I like not “stamped” acts, I like you, I’m not sure that I will go to your concert but in this dose it was cool, I will give you good points.

Konstantin: Once I saw them during audition I felt in love! Especially the lead singer…I look like her in the morning! I like her voice, her charisma, this harmony… It’s the pepper in our contest! So they bring this balance that’s why I invited them and I don’t regret!

20.16 I’m not gonna translate this short verse…it’s too sad 😀

20.15 My name is Igor and I like making children, I have 2!

20.14 We don’t consider ourselves like a part of any subculture.

20.13 My opinion: my type of music, I also like their message. My fave for tonight

20.09 In their preview video they bring a message against pop music and barbie looking female singers dressed like prostitutes.

20.08 Time to review the act number 4! AGHIAZMA! This is a protest against too much pop music on TV and radio.


Online voting: 63% yes, 37% no

Jury on act 3:

Konstantin: I would like to thank Ruslan for bringing more viewers to our contest. I like the song but all in all…you need to sing, it’s the only one minus but it’s enough for em to think that you should not go to Eurovision.

Andrey: Where are you from? /Poltavskaya oblast as Andrey/ ok, I like the song! [..] I don’t think that Ruslan wants to go to this Eurovision…it’s like a journey for him! I hope you will get to the final

Jamala: I like the arrangement, it’s like One Republic…but I would like your backing vocalist to go to Eurovision?

20.01 Host: How hard have you been working to get there? Kuznetsov: How many followers do you have on instagram?

19.59 My opinion: it’s the best song of the preselection. It’s more radio friendly but I really would love to hear more such a music at Eurovision… Live performance is not the greatest though.

Ruslan Kuznetsov won the online televoting, he is a blogger in general! Youtube chat goes crazy supporting him right now!


19.56 it was a long break but time goes fast and we are ready to got to number 3!

****advert break*******

Online voting: 41 yes, 59 no

Jury on act 1:

Jamala: I remember how I was staying there and I remember what they said about my dress. I’m grateful that you said it to me. I was expecting a super performance…but it was not.

Andrey: Eurovision is not a contest of vocals but songs. You sang it good but it’s 2004 and now is 2017. It’s very banal… you are playing like a semi finalist of Eurovision… /then there is a dialogue… Andrey is trying to understand what is the reason for this performance… Mila doesn’t agree and she wants to be herself/

Konstantin: like an airbus is taking off and it’s growing! Very strong voice, very deep. like a hurricane. But there is something missing, it’s too cold.

My opinion: I do agree that 2000s was the golden age of Eurovision but why would this girl with a good voice sing typical 2000s Eurovision ballad in 2017? But thank you for taking us back when we were still young…  😀

19.29 Mila Nitich is the second to take the stage.


19.26 Online voting 27-73 – they didn’t like it.

19.25 Now they are discussing who was the first to sing in Ukrainian in Eurovision. Ruslana or Verka? Andrey agreed that Ruslana

Jury on act 1:

Andrey: I liked it while I was listening in a car, but not today.

Konstantin: I like your songs and this one. But it’s more for radio as it doesn’t look nice on stage.

Jamala: too monotonous. I don’t like

19.20 “The world is waiting people to start searching for their dream! and the world is ready to present this dream”

My opinion on act #1 – not quite my thing but it’s better than typical local pop music.

19.15 We start with Kharkiv based band LETAY, who will sing both in English and Ukrainian. Letay means “fly!”. The band is new for the big audience so good luck!

19.09 Juries are discussing how is it difficult to give points to participants

19.05 Tonight’s jury members: Konstantin Meladze, Andrey Danilko aka Verka Serduchka and Jamala!

19.04 You’ve seen the presentation of the 8 tonight’s acts. What’s your fave?

19.02 the clip about the preselection including the last week participants

19.00 So it’s started! We will translate the most interesting moments

18.58 So 2 mins to go! get ready, make tea and take your seats!

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