Nika Zorjan: “Eurovision would be a piece of cake for me”

The Slovenian National selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, EMA 2017, kicks off tonight with its first semi final. Eight acts will compete in tonight’s show and try to win a ticket for the Grand Final of EMA 2017, which will be held in a week of time, on February 24th. Ahead of tonight’s show, we spoke to Nika Zorjan, who’s no stranger to the Eurovision stage, and will perform a song called “Fse”.

Hey Nika, thank you for your time for ESCBubble! First of all, what was the main reason for applying your song to EMA 2017?

If I’m completely honest, I didn’t have any plan to apply to EMA this year, I haven’t recorded a song for a year and a half already, and I said to my producer: »Well, we should record something new now, right?« And so we made demo version of my song, which was fantastic, exactly during the time when RTVSLO made an open call for songs. And in few days I received a message from my producer Raay, who said: »Oh, just by the way, I applied your song for EMA 2017, you’re doing it as a soloist this time.« And, here we go! (laughter)

Brilliant – and so – what was your first reaction when you were told that you would compete at EMA 2017?

Honestly – I’m working with Raay for more than five years now, he’s always producing quality songs, and by one side I was actually expecting to be one of the contestants. I’m always standing behind my songs, they’re always well produced, and so when I’ve received the news that I’ll be competign at EMA 2017, I was beyond happy and satisfied, that my song made it to the final line-up!

Nika Zorjan as a backing singer for Tinkara Kovač (Slovenia 2014) | photo:

You’re actually pretty familiar with EMA and Eurovision stage, since you’ve been backing vocal for Tinkara Kovač (2014) and for Maraaya (2015), but after Misija Evrovizija (Slovenian NF in 2012) this is your first attempt to win a Eurovision ticket as a soloist. How does it feel?

It feels great. But it was also about the time to take part at EMA as soloist. But it’s also true that fact of being backing vocal at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen and Vienna gave me a lot of knowledge and experiences about the competition itself, so I’m totally ready for EMA now. And in case that I would’ve won, Eurovision would be a ‘piece of cake’ for me (laughter). I know how everything goes up there, from press conferences to the rehearsals, Red Carpet and stuff, I would felt like being in the living room.

Nika Zorjan was also a backing vocalist for Maraaya (Slovenia 2015). They’re now also composers of her song!

EMA 2017 is about to move to The Exhibition and Convention Centre in Ljubljana this year, instead of staying at the studio of RTVSLO. Is that also an opportunity for an artist for receiving more freedom with creativity on the very stage?

Actually, it’s a bit easier yes, since the stage is bigger, so you can afford more on the stage itself, even though I think that a lot of thing were possible also at the RTVSLO studio. Still, I will be alone on the stage and try to convince viewers with my songs and my energy on the stage.

Who’s composing team behind your song and who’ll join you on the EMA stage?

Music and arrangement has been done by Maraaya and I made lyrics by myself, since it is in Prekmurje dialect, song is called ‘Fse‘ (Everything), and there will be five backing vocals joining me, but off-stage.

Your song is in Prekmurje dialect. But in case that you’ll won EMA 2017, do you have any plans to translate your song in English or make it billingual?

In case of winning, ‘Fse’ is off to Kyiv (laughter), but anyway I’ll change a little bit of lyrics to the English. Fun fact is that Prekmurian dialect has similar vocals to English, especially with the letter ‘u’, so we can be flexible and not changing the meaning of teh song completely. Very probably would be half song in Prekmurje dialect and half song would be in English.

And what about other plans for 2017, excluding EMA (and Eurovision), what are you up to this year yet?

Regarding album I’m thinking in that way. I don’t have a goal to release an album right now, I’d rather be focused on releasing singles, where I’m always investing so much effort, and in best case it may became a hit as well. I want to release an album in a near future, but that’s not on my priority list right now. Otherwise – this year you can expect a duet with male vocalist, and many other songs. This year will be a way more productive than last year, since I haven’t release any song last year, but I’ve recorded various covers. This year will be a bit different.

Thank you Nika, and for the end do you have any message for your fans and followers here on ESCBubble!

I wish you all to be positive, love yourself, don’t forget that you’re all creators of your own lifes, and if you wish and want something so hard, you can reach all the goals you want to. Eurovision stage as well (laughter).

We’d like to thank Nika for her time and we wish her good luck at tonight’s EMA 2017 stage! If Nika is your personal favorite in EMA 2017, make sure you cast your vote for her in our poll here:

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Give a listen to “Fse” right here:

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