Shana Pearson: ”Exodus is a catchy and powerful anthem”

Shana Pearson, from Switzerland, will participate in the Swiss national selection for Eurovision 2017, with her song ”Exodus”. She will compete alongside 5 other artists with the hope of obtaining the golden ticket to represent her country in Kyiv, at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. She took the time to talk to ESCBubble about her song and her participation in the Swiss national selection for Eurovision:

What was your first reaction when you were told that you would compete in the Swiss national final for Eurovision 2017?

I was so excited! I literally was jumping all over my apartment while I had the TV production company on the phone.

Why did you decide to enter the Swiss national selection for Eurovision this year with your song ‘’Exodus’’?

I got contacted by the TV production in charge of the Swiss selections suggesting I should give it a try this year. I was in the finalizing my EP “Fearless” so a lot on my plate so I felt like I didn’t have time to write and compose a brand new song in such a short amount of time. They said they knew a lot of different songwriters and producers from all over Europe so they’ve put me in touch with a few and I heard a demo Exodus and said ok let’s do this! “Exodus” was written by Swedish producers and songwriters: Denniz Jamm, Andreas Stone and Mahan Moin. We immediately connected!

How would you describe your song in a few words? Is there message behind your song?

”Exodus” is a catchy, powerful, anthem kind of song. Anyone can relate to is when feel trapped in something they no longer want: it can be a relationship, a lifestyle , etc. It’s really about freeing ourselves!

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and your musical career?

Let’s make it simple: music is my life  🙂 I knew this since I was 6 years old. I’ve always wanted to do this since then. I started off in a modern children’s choir for a few years doing a lot of concerts, doing solo parts, etc. then when I was 14 years old that’s when I started composing and writing my own lyrics and recording. A few years later, I was signed to an indie label in Geneva we released 2 albums together, including the first one that received a Gold disc in Switzerland (10’000 cds sold). In 2011, I did a collaboration with the famous dj and singer Big Ali on “Distress”. The song was number 2 in the French charts for several weeks, we did a tour of more than 20 concerts all over France it was a huge experience. We even opened for Justin Bieber together in 2013! I’m thankful for all this that is for sure. In 2014, I decided to get out of my record deal to do whatever I wanted to do musically because I felt a bit trap (just like in Exodus hehe) and I just released my new EP “Fearless” on October 31st 2016: it was all financed on my own, I did the promotion of it, etc myself so I feel very proud of this project.

Do you have other plans for 2017?

In 2017, I hope to represent Switzerland in Kiev and make my country proud 🙂 and also do as many concerts as possible to promote my new EP “Fearless”. I’m releasing the 4th of this EP end of February and we just shot the music video so it’s exciting.

Do you have any goals for the national final this year?

I just want to give it my all but also be myself and I hope that will be enough to represent Switzerland! We worked hard for this so we will see 🙂

What would it mean for you to get the chance to represent your country in Kyiv?

It would be the prize of years of hard work, always believing in your dreams when a lot of people tell you not to pursue them. It would be a nice revenge and a huge pride!

Are you a Eurovision fan? What are your favourite Eurovision songs?

Watching Eurovision was always a tradition in my family since we were little. It’s a memory I will always remember as it reflected the time when my parents were still together and we were united as one family with my brother. I continued watching it throughout the years! My favourite song has to be “Heroes” from Mans Zelmerlow. I also loved Loic Nottet’s performance!

What do you think of the previous Swiss participants in Eurovision?

Melanie René who is a good friend of mine did an amazing job and I didn’t understand why she didn’t make it further. If you look at her performance in the semi-finals vs. the finals there was a huge improvement in terms of the performance, the staging, etc. That’s what I hope to see with the finals this year and my performance.

Do you have any special ideas (ex: dancers, choreography…) for your live performance during the national selection?

Ah I have to keep this as a surprise for February 5th. 🙂

Do you have musical inspirations?

I love anything that has soul to it so it can be from soul to gospel to deep house.

What would you like to say to your fans who are going to support during the national final?

Take me to Kiev and you won’t be disappointed 🙂 I’ve done this all my life and now i’m ready to show Europe that Switzerland can win again after all these years thanks to positive energy, determination and a powerful performance and song.

Fun facts about Shana:

What is your favourite …?

  • Song: “Where I’d rather be” by Clean Bandit
  • Book: “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne
  • Artist: Sam Smith
  • Movie: “Sister Act II”
  • Sport: Horse Riding
  • Dish: my dad’s home made “Knöpfli”

We would like to thank Shana for taking the time to do this interview and wish her the best of luck for the national selection.

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Watch Shana’s performance during the expert check right here:

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