The Ludvig: “The song was finished on the closing date!”

Latvia’s National Selection, “Supernova” continues this weekend, when a further 11 acts compete for the 4 available spots in the semi final to be held on February 19th

One of these acts is the multi-talented The Ludvig who at 16 is this year’s youngest competitor. We were lucky enough to grab a few words from him during the build up to Sunday’s show


Welcome to Supernova,  Jekabs Ludvigs Kalmanis (aka The Ludvig)! We would like to get to know you better, so tell us a bit about yourself

I was born on 12th October, 2000 in Talsi. It’s a small, beautiful town 120 km from Riga, west of Latvia. I have 3 siblings – two sisters and a brother. So far I am the only one in family, who is involved with music professionally. Yet. 😉 My mother is an art teacher and dad does many different things.

You are this year’s youngest contestant at just 16, and I’ve read that you started writing songs at age 11! Who influenced you to get into the music scene?

The very first and the very core motivator was my big sister. I used to sing along all radio songs and my sister said that I have a pretty good voice. On the next night, I had a dream that I’m a famous singer and I am singing in the spotlight on the huge stage. Since that night I am trying to follow my dream.

And  today I’m here, because in my hometown Talsi  is a very good music school. Also, I’m here because of my parents, who wanted me to have musical education. And then a lot of other people who have been in the right place at the right time for me to give advice, support, life lessons and joy to create music. This is what made me and inspired me. And here I am.

How did you get involved in Supernova this year?

The song was finished on closing date for applications. That day I was in Liepaja, because I had to participate in the musical play “My Fair Lady” in the new concert hall “The Great Amber” in Liepaja city along with Riga Dome Choir School students. Time was very limited because we were very busy preparing for the show. And in the very late evening, receptionist  of the Liepaja city hotel allowed me to use his computer to fill in online application form for Supernova. I was glad that I managed it!

There’s a fantastic video on YouTube of you doing a piano cover of John Legend’s “Ordinary People”.  Do you play any other instruments?

I feel at my best when I am sitting at the piano. I graduated music school trombone class and self-study learned guitar basics. But still, the piano is a musical instrument that gives me relaxation and playing it I actually gain even more energy.


Your video for “I’m In Love With You” has more than 100,000 views now, and is generating a lot of fan interest. Tell us about how this song came about?

I am not sure if this feeling of “falling in love” someone can even describe in a couple of sentences. And the story is about really falling in love for the first time. For those who haven’t experienced it yet, I wish to experience it. For those who had, I wish to listen to my song  and with positive thoughts to remember how it happened. But for all together – just to listen to my song and feel loved. Only a good song can recreate true feelings. I hope my song does it.

Going back to Supernova, do you have anything special planned for the performance this Sunday that you can tell us about?

There are ideas which I would like to impress but I don’t know whether the producers allow me to do it. And if I tell you, there will be no surprise 🙂  I can mention that we want to create the mood  that complement what you have already seen in the music video. I am just super happy that my music video just hit 100 k views!

“I’m In Love With You” is your first single, what else do you have planned for 2017?

This year, I have to continue to study and improve my skills. You know, I’m still pretty young ☺. Currently I am studying in Riga Dome Choir School. Our school is rich of talented and motivated young Latvian musicians. The better the school, the less time to side projects, but I will continue to write songs for my first music album.

What do you like to do when you are not performing?

I miss the time that I can devote to my family  and friends.  In my home city Talsi I have a wonderful group of friends and we come together time to time to catch up at the garage, where I began my songwriting. It’s my best friend Krisjanis garage, he also writes poetry and is a really good javelin thrower!


Thank you to The Ludvig for answering our questions, and we look forward to seeing you on the Supernova stage this Sunday!

If The Ludvig is one of your personal favorites in the second heat of Supernova, make sure you cast your vote for him, and for three other acts in our poll right here:

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You can watch The Ludvig’s video for “I’m In Love With You” here. Don’t forget to listen on Spotify as well, each streaming of the song counts as one public vote!


Sunday’s show starts at 2025CET, join Joe and Anne here at ESCBubble as we live blog Supernova and bring you all the news and reactions as they happen!

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