Salvador Sobral releases music… as Benjamin Cymbra?

Ok, we’ve got a little explaining to do:

Alexander Search is a band from South Africa, singing in English and they are currently based in Portugal. Not completely coincidental as ”Alexander Search”, a heteronym (note: not a pseudonym, a pseudonym is a merely a different name the user uses for itself, whereas a heteronym is supposed to be a completely different character who might even go against the writer in points of view) of the great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa and the man himself also being the very inventor of the term ‘heteronym’, has lived in South Africa himself while writing in English.

The short biography the band have put on their YouTube channel themselves reads like poetry already:

Alexander Search is an English-speaking band originating from South Africa but currently based in Europe – more specifically, in Portugal, “a seaside garden paradise” in the words of the country’s greatest poet, Fernando Pessoa. Their music is a mix of several influences: indie-pop, electronic music and rock. Most of the lyrics have been written by Alexander Search, a member of the band who tragically died at a young age – but who also managed to earn the respect of his peers as “the greatest conquerer of the beauty of words”.

The band members are honouring the heteronym tradition as they have all adopted different heteronyms themselves and that of Salvador Sobral, lead singer of the band is: Benjamin Cymbra!

Having that background information, here is the first single ‘A Day of Sun’, from the band’s first album ‘Alexander Search’:


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