Eddie Stoilow: “We tried to make a song to heal the world”

The Czech Republic National Selection “Eurosong CZ” is well underway now, with six acts battling it out for the chance to become their country’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

Here at ESCBubble, we managed to catch up with Eddie Stoilow who are one of the participating acts, with their song “We Rule This World” and they are currently in Cambodia! The band is made up of members:

Jan Žampa(žampík) vocals,guitar, lyrics
David Šmidt(dafson): synths, piano
Maritn Puškař(puški): bass
Jakub Lenz: guitars, back vocals
Lukas Kuneš : drums

Hi, and welcome to Eurosong CZ Eddie Stoilow! I see that you’re well established as a band, having been formed originally in 2003, Eurovision can often be seen as an opportunity for new artists to break through. Given the terrific success you have had (and are having) why did you decide to put yourselves forward this year?

We were invited to compete by the Czech National TV which is great!

Do you have a history with Eurovision, is it something you always watch?

I lived for 9 years whilst at school in Malta where the contest is very intensively watched….its almost a national holiday! People take days off from work to watch the show.

Czech Republic have had a difficult time in the contest, Gabriela Guncikova’s qualification to the final in 2016 being the high point, what is the feeling about the contest amongst the public?

It is thanks to Czech TV becoming stronger and stronger every year, so the interest is NOW growing in the Czech Republic. We need some success to boost it

Let’s talk about your entry to EuroSong CZ, “We Rule This World”, it’s a fantastic pop/rock song that builds and builds throughout the 3 minutes. What can you tell us about it?

The song is about love, positive energy and unifying through music. We tried to establish a powerful and intensive atmosphere in the song, which we take as important for ESC. It was written specially for ESC. That was the main inspiration, including the deadline 😀
A lot of ugly things happened worldwide this year, so we tried to make a song that would heal it up a little bit.

As there won’t be a televised National Final as such, I guess you don’t have to worry about staging at this point – but do you have any ideas about how you would present “We Rule This World” on stage at Eurovision?

We are thinking of a show with big parade drums, and chorals….still in process:-)
We want to make the song even bigger on the stage!

Can you tell us a bit about the music scene in the Czech Republic at the moment? All the songs submitted for Eurosong CZ are from very diverse genres and the quality is fantastic – is this representative of what’s happening musically?

Well, I think that the songs qualifying are a huge step forward globally due to the Czech pop scene. I was surprised and happy honestly!

Finally, lets have some quick fire questions to get to know you better!

What music are you listening to right now?
Daft Punk (their last album) and Sting
What’s your favourite book?
The Day Of The Trifids:-) Grisham
What’s your favourite food?
Lasagne and PHO
Who would you like to perform on stage with?
Maybe Daft Punk and Adele:-)

Thanks Eddie Stoilow and we wish you all the very best of luck!

Watch the video for “We Rule This World” below. Voting is open via the Eurovision app for all fans, however only the votes from within the Czech Republic will count towards 50% of the result, with the other 50% being from an International Jury. The winner will be announced on January 29th. For full details, visit the official website.


If Eddie Stoilow are your personal favourites in the Czech Eurovision selection, make sure you cast your vote for them here:

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