Kamferdrops: “It is going to be a story to tell the children”

One of this year’s most alternative acts Kamferdrops has spoken to us ahead of her Melodifestivalen debut this Saturday night (3rd February)

Kamferdrops is a Norwegian singer who performs songs using a mask. Last year Kamferdrops had a number 1 hit in Sweden with a cover of the 1999 song “Jag trodde änglarna fanns”.

Hi Kamferdrops. How did you first get involved in Melodifestivalen?

After seeing another final with almost no glitter, I thought enough was enough. It’s time to save the planet.

What made you want to enter Melodifestivalen?

I really think we need a new ESC era! Conchita Wurst was just the beginning. We need more diversity and more glitter. It’s become too much suit and tie and too little pink camping explosion.

How did the song come about?



The song is about never giving up on someone you love, and it has helped me a lot in my own life. If it weren’t for that song I don’t know if my girlfriend would still be with me. It saved our relationship. The song was originally made in a totally different universe. So when I first heard the song, which is written by a few friends of mine, I fell in love with the melody and asked them if I could take the song into my universe. I Kamfermized the song and now it’s the best of both worlds.

How did you choose your song?

All my colours told me to go for this song, and it spoke to me on an extremely deep level.

What are your plans for Melodifestivalen?

Except winning, I am going to make a show for the history books. It is going to be a story to tell my children (with my children I mean Angelina Jolies’ children, I am planning to become a nanny after this)

How are you planning to stage your song? Will you be having any choreography?

Very advanced choreography. Probably this years most demanding act, both mentally and physically.

Do you think that sending a non-English song puts you at a disadvantage?

No, I think the melody speaks as loud as the lyrics. Sometimes you need to watch a foreign movie without subtitles to see all the colours in the story. And our story is filled with rainbows.

Will anyone be joining you on stage (eg. Backing vocalists, dancers) etc?

Yes it will be a party on stage! With very advanced choreography.



Has anyone helped you?

My mum helped me with the choreography and Fredrik Skavelan taught me Swedish.

Where did the idea of wearing a mask come from?

The mask is not an idea, I was born with it. It can be a real hassle sometimes. Imagine if I went travelling with this? There is a reason why I have never been to the states!

Who, or what normally inspires you?

All beautiful women inspire me. I also find Benjamin Ingrosso inspirational

And ever since I was a little girl I’ve been inspired (and in love with) Angelina Jolie.

I am inspired by people who have respect for all human beings, regardless of religion, sex, culture and so on. I hope to show kids all over the world that you can be who ever you want to be, and as extrovert as you want to be!

Are you engaged in any other projects at the moment?

No, after I invented the tropical ‘Danseband’ genre I don’t have time for anything else, not even my cats.

Do you normally follow Eurovision, and do you have an all time favorite song?

Yes, I loved Jamalas’ winning song in 2016.

What do you usually do when you’re not singing?

If by some reason I have a few hours off I love to watch sports, especially hobby horsing.



Sweden has hosted the Eurovision in a number of cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo.If you won both the Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision, where would you like the Eurovision to be held?

If I told you where I really wanted the final to be held, I would have to tell you where I’m from. And since I am from a small place in Norway with 400 residents, it would be way to revealing. You would find me. Fast

Your last song Jag trodde änglarna fanns, which is a cover of the same song in 1999 got to number 1 in Sweden last year. What made you want to re-record it?

Well it was actually pretty annoying cause I couldn’t get the song out of my head, and I wanted to dance to it but the original is soo slow and I am very bad at slowdance, so I thought it would be fun to turn up the pace a little bit, so I could look better dancing. It needed it a little kick in the but.




Why should you be chosen to represent your country in this year’s Eurovision?

Well Im from Norway so I won’t be representing my given country, but my chosen country Sweden. I love Sweden because they have more unicorns than Norway and more importantly the beer is very cheap.

Thanks for speaking to us today Kamferdrops. Good luck in the Eurovision!

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