Liene Greifane – ‘Working with Agnese in Kyiv made me want to return’

This weekend sees the beginning of the Latvian pre-selection process ‘Supernova’.  One of the artists competing in Saturday’s first heat, Liene Greifane, may already be familiar to fans as she has already graced the Eurovision stage as a member of Pirates of The Sea back in 2008. This year she returns with her song ‘Walk The Talk’, and we were lucky enough to have the chance to catch up with Liene to find out what her inspiration was to return.

Congratulations Liene on being selected for the final stages of Supernova.  Eurovision fans may remember you from 2008 when you represented Latvia as a member of Pirates Of The Sea – What have you been up to since then?

That would be surprising if people would remember me from that time.  Since then half of my life has happened! – I have lived in America, worked in Germany and Sweden, and appeared in a number of TV shows.  Most recently I was in ‘Dancing With A Star’ and with my partner Viktor, we finished in first place.  And right now I am studying film directing in Moscow

So what made you want to enter Eurovision and this year’s Supernova?  Have you always wanted to return?

I really enjoy contests but for the last few years I have had different priorities.  In 2014 my second son was born, and after that I returned to my studies, so my music has been on pause since my last album in 2015.  Since then I have missed the stage and I now feel ready to compete with all the cool new artists

The Latvian selection process has changed a lot in recent years since you were last in ‘Eurodziesma’.  Have you followed the shows in recent years and if so what did you think of the recent winners?

In my opinion it has changed a lot for the better.  The stage is brighter and the organisation is more orderly and professional.  I helped last year’s Supernova winner Agnese (of Triana Park) to prepare vocally and I drove to Kyiv with the team.  That is exactly what encouraged me to enter myself as it woke up positive emotions and memories.

For ‘Walk The Talk’ you have teamed up with the writing duo Ylva and Linda Persson.  How did that collaboration come about, and how did you end up with the song ‘Walk The Talk’?

The girls are amazing authors and I am happy to be working with them.  We have known each other for almost ten years and it seemed logical to work together to write a song for the Eurovision Song Contest’

Can you tell us a little about the song itself?, Is there a message in it?

The song is about the fact that it is time to be strong, to not be afraid to be different or to have a different opinion and just say it out loud.  To get to where you want, you need a stronger desire and that’s why if you want to be a leader of your own life, get on your feet and hold your head high. Be yourself and do be afraid of anything.

The song has been released now for a few weeks, were you pleased with the initial reaction to the song?

Whenever a new song is released it is very exciting.  I always worry if the last version is the one that I can call the final version. Like everyone I have fans, and I have haters, and that is why my emotions about publishing new material are always strong.  But in my opinion, everything has gone as well as I wanted it to.

What is next for you? Do you have any other new projects that you are working on?

In the Spring, I will be directing my first film, pretty much straight after the semi final stage of Supernova.  I also have plans for my music and I am writing songs with my pianist in Moscow, so this is only the beginning of a ‘rebirth.

And do you have any other message for our readers?

I’d like to say a few words in the style of my song ‘Walk The Talk’.  Don’t be afraid to be different, if you are white or dark skin-coloured, if you are skinny or fat, lesbian or gay… You are you, and you are special.  This world without you wouldn’t be interesting or different.  Love yourself, respect yourself, and others!

Liene will perform in the first heat in Supernova on Saturday evening, and you will be able to follow the show here at with our live blog.  You can listen to ‘Walk The Talk’ here:

If Liene is one of your favorites in the first semi final of this year’s Supernova, make sure you cast your vote for her and for one other act in our poll here:

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