Matthew Anthony: “Call 2morrow is a type of song that MESC has never had”

Matthew Anthony is a newcomer in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, and he is trying to win the Maltese ticket to Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon with the song “Call 2morrow”.

We had a pleasure to chat with Matthew Anthony, and get to know him better and find out more about his entry “Call 2morrow”. He also sent a quick video greeting to all of our readers, and you can check it out right here, followed by the interview we did with him:

Hi Matthew Anthony! First of all thank you for your time for doing this interview, and congratulations for making it to the Finals of MESC for the very first time! How did you feel when you found out that you are one of the finalists?

I could not believe that I was actually part of the 16 finalists. Being a huge fan of MESC and ESC I used to follow all local artists and even international artists, and for me to be one of them is still overwhelming to date!

How did you decide to enter the song this year?

Funnily enough, I had been working on an original song since last April with the intention to enter MESC with it. Around two weeks before the deadline of the applications, I decided not to enter that song, as I still had a lot of work to do on it, and did not think it was appropriate for Eurovision. When I was advising my vocal tutor about my decisions, he told me that a foreign producer sent him a number of songs and we listened to them together. I immediately fell in love with the demo version of “Call 2morrow”, and after I spoke to the producer of the song, he listened to my voice and thought it was the perfect match. So basically all this happened just a few days before the deadline and we had to record and produce everything within a week!

Can you tell us more about the story of the song, what it’s about, and who is this international team who worked on it?

First of all the song was produced in Sweden by Jonas Gladnikoff, Tom Wiklund and Peder Eriksson. It was created during a songwriting camp in Sweden. As for the meaning of the song, it’s about a past relationship that is over and about missing the other person. It’s about wanting to contact the other person but not doing so as the other person doesn’t seem to feel the same anymore.

Matthew Anthony 1How are you getting ready for the night of the final?

At the moment I’m having various rehearsals, both vocally and choreographically. Also a quick trip to the gym every now and then is helping me get in shape for the final night hehe ?

How do you plan your stage performance to look like? Are you planning to have any props, backing vocalists, or anyone joining you on stage?

I don’t want to give too much info just yet, but lets just say that I won’t be alone on stage and I’m planning to have some elements that MESC has never seen.

What do you usually do when you are not singing?

Apart from studying for an Advanced Diploma in Creative Media, when I’m not singing, being a hip-hop dancer, I’m dancing and most of the time I’m writing original songs at home.

Why should you be the one to represent Malta in Lisbon?

In my opinion, “Call 2morrow” is a type of song that MESC has never had in it’s final, and it’s also a song that Europe would not be expecting from Malta so therefore it would be a breath of fresh ‘modern’ air as apposed to the typical Maltese ballad.

The competition is on a very high level this year. But which is that one act that you think is your biggest competition to win?

I find this question to be a bit difficult to answer, as Malta has so much talent, especially when narrowed down to just 16. Having said that, I find that both Aidan and I have a lot of common aspects to offer to MESC however, I am not looking at the other contestants as competition but as artists fighting for the same goal.

Are you currently involved in any other projects?

No, at the moment I am focusing on school and MESC.

We also have a couple of questions for you just to get to know you a little bit better. What would be your favorite book?

I’m not really into reading haha.

Favorite movie?


In a movie about your life, who would be playing you?

Johnny Depp

What would you bring to a desert island?

A guitar.

Favorite taste of ice-cream?


Your ideal duet-partner would be?

Nicki Minaj

The last song you listened to was…?

“Dimelo” by Rak-Su.

Favorite Eurovision winning song?

“Wild Dances” by Ruslana.

The song you heard and wished it was yours instead?

“Grab The Moment” by JOWST.

Thank you very much for your time Matthew, and we wish you the very best of luck at the MESC Final!

Many Thanks and Kindest of Regards,

Matthew Anthony ❤

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