Mihai Trăistariu: It will look like Heaven! A Romanian Heaven!

The second semi final of Selecția Națională 2018 takes place this weekend in Timișoara in Western Romania this weekend and we got the chance to speak to Mihai Trăistariu who is performing his song “Heaven”.

Mihai is no stranger to the Eurovision stage of course having represented Romania back in 2006 with Tornerò and achieving a fantastic 4th place finish. Here he tells us about his upcoming song and his hopes for the performance and his future career.

Mihai Welcome back to Selecția Națională! What made you want to return to the competition once more?

I love Eurovision. I love to be on that stage. I love competitions.  And I really want the 1-st place in ESC one day! That’s my BIGGEST DREAM EVER! 

Can you tell us a bit more about your song “Heaven” and the team behind it?

It’s a very catchy song, a very modern fresh and sensitive ballad, perfect for my voice. The lyrics are wonderful.

Three international composers and me, Michael James Down and Jonas Gladnikoff – 2 huge ESC composers who have participated a lot in ESC National Selections and a young composer – William Taylor, also very very talented.

You are a hugely experienced artist and have a huge history with touring and of course on the Eurovison back in 2006. Do you still get nervous before a big performance?

YEEEEES. I don’t know why. Last year it was the same. I’m still nervous on stage, in front of a jury. 

That’s why I have some movements that I can’t control them : I move my hands a lot when I sing whistle notes ( Mariah Carey style 😀 😀 😀 ) sometimes I close my eyes, from the beginning of the song to the last note, in order not to see the jury faces … 

Anyway … I feel like these kind of emotion are constructive and they help me give more of the song’s message.

So … it’s good!

You finished runner up at Selecția Națională last year, how would it feel to win and be selected for Romania and return to the Eurovision stage?

In 2017 I’ve been so close … 
🙂 But I knew all the time … that one day I’ll return and win the international ESC.

And how are the rehearsals for Selecția Națională going?

I’ve already had 3-4 rehearsals and In a few days I’ll be in semi-final. I’m a little nervous but I feel like in HEAVEN I know I’ll do it !

I need to concentrate on the song and voice. At this moment I don’t read ESC news about me, I don’t listen the other songs ( 😀 ), I asked my friends not to send me ” news ” about other people say about me So I’m only me and my voice and Heaven and my stuff.

Can you tell us anything about how the song will be staged for the contest?

It will look like … Heaven

A Romanian Heaven

I’ve been a little upset few days ago … because Romanian Television said it’s not possible to do our show ( the stage in Timisoara is too small – 4 meters high and we have only 40 seconds between songs ) so we can’t use what we have think to use on stage and we don’t have time to change the decoration.
So we had to cancel the first idea about our show.  And we cancelled 3 great dancers from Romania’s got talent. 
We had to change everything. It doesn’t sound great! I know ! But that’s my country! That’s Romania!  


Every time it is almost the same, there were days in the past when I’ve said to myself I have to move in America. I remember in 2006 with Tornero, I had the same problem in international contest: we wanted to have some puppeteers on stage and 2 weeks before the big contest they said  it’s not possible, so we had to change everything in the last minute. That’s why Tornero didn’t have a great show in 2006, in Greece, you can’t do a great show in 10 days.

I hope one day … I’ll return to ESC with a huge show, as a revenge!

Maybe in 2018

Who knows!?

Have you had the chance to listen to any of the other entries yet, any standouts?

No. Not yet. Only some parts in the auditions, Some of them sound good. 🙂

Who are your biggest inspirations musically?

Huge voices : Michael Bolton, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey, Aguilera, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Sia, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder … 

Any dream artists you would love to duet with?

All good voices in the world, even a duet with Madonna won’t sound bad … 


Do you currently have any other projects going on at the moment that we can look forward to?

I’m the director of 4 festivals / year, I have a music school and a music studio. I want to build a hotel this year and also new songs and a lot of concerts. 

What do you enjoy doing when not performing?

Play bowling, billiards, movies, cinema, swimming, travelling a lot, talking with fans on social media, posting a lot on Instagram, reading a lot of good books, helping animals ( I have an animal foundation ) 😀

And finally do you have a favourite Eurovision song from previous years? And I’m not going to let you choose “Tornerò”!  As brilliant as it is!

Euphoria .

Euphoria is unique!!!!

Many thanks Mihai and we look forward to being in Heaven with your performance! Best of luck!

You can follow Mihai on social media and check out his song here:



Let us know who you would like to see qualify from this weekends semi final on our poll here!

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