Tiziana Calleja: “My song is all about emotions, good feelings and why not, love!”

Back in 2010, Tiziana Calleja took part in the Maltese final with the song “Words Are Not Enough”, and finished in third place, whilst finishing second in televoting, just behind the eventual winner – Thea Garrett. Now after a seven year long break, she is back with the song “First Time”, hoping to go a step higher, and representing Malta in Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon.

We had a pleasure to chat with Tiziana, and get to know her better. Check out everything she told us about her song in this interview:

Hello Tiziana! First of all thank you for your time for doing this interview, and congratulations for making it to the Finals of MESC once again! How did you feel when you found out that you are one of the finalists?

Very happy. Been quite a while since I’ve entered the MESC. So yes, here we are again and thrilled to be back.

How did you decide to come back and enter a song this year?

I had help from my cousin that pushed a bit further to help out deciding what and how to put forward the right song.

Can you tell us more about the story of the song, what it’s about?

Tiziana Calleja 1The story is a simple and fresh one. It’s about being happy in life and while at times we have rough patches, we still move forward and smile to what’s in store and what the future holds for us. It’s all about emotions, good feelings and why not, love!

How are you getting ready for the night of the final?

At the moment there are a lot of preparations happening. All the team is hands on the final night and the process for upcoming performances till the finals. We do talk about options of clothes as well as visuals and all that the performance entails. All this to make it one to remember.

How do you plan your stage performance to look like?

I would like serenity on stage. And that is what I would like for the audience to see and feel.

What do you usually do when you are not singing?

A lot of other things. I am usually at my studio – Centerstage, teaching performing arts to my students or rehearse to any upcoming event.

Why should you be the one to represent Malta in Lisbon?

I believe that with personal experiences, I have a lot to give when it comes to performing. I feel happy and confident putting up a performance or planning a show.

We also have a couple of questions for you just to get to know you a little bit better. What would be your favorite book?

I like to read biographies and history books mainly.

Favorite movie?

Moana at the moment! And all other musical movies.

Your own signature dish?

Chicken and veg… Boring!

In a movie about your life, who would be playing you?

I would play TIME. It plays an important role in my everyday life.

What would you bring to a desert island?

My phone and 5 power banks fully charged.. haha!

Favorite taste of ice-cream?


Your ideal duet-partner would be?

Robbie Williams or Freddie Mercury if still here!

The last song you listened to was…?

“Bring me sunshine” (While watching the Royal Variety Performance)

Favorite Eurovision winning song?

“Euphoria” by Loreen.

The song you heard and wished it was yours instead?

This is a tricky question.. I don’t think I would want a song that belongs to somebody else. But I always feel comfortable signing a Queen song and try to own it at that exact moment 🙂

Thank you very much for your time Tiziana, and we wish you the very best of luck at the MESC Final!

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