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On Sunday 4 February, it’s the turn of Switzerland to choose their entry for Lisbon. After three years of being stuck in the semi-final, is there a song among the 6 competitors to get them to the final? Our editors have taken a listen to the songs, so read on to find out what their favourites are!


1 Zibbz – Stones

This group have a great look and Corrine, the singer has an amazing rocky voice. It’s a radio friendly track and I think has an excellent chance of winning the national final and getting Switzerland to their first final in four years!

2 Vanessa Iraci – Redlights

This is another excellent modern and contemporary track and the kind of song I listen to outside of Eurovision. Vanessa is also gorgeous and I think this is going to give Zibbs a run for their money!

3 Chiara Dubey – Secrets and Lies

What an absolutely beautiful and pure voice Chiara has.
This is a gorgeous, pure and simple ballad which reminds me of a Disney princess song. Will it be third time lucky for her?


1 Naeman – Kiss Me

I really like this. Nice upbeat electropop sounding song. It sounds like something that would be a Bruno Mars hit. It could almost be something that a 90s boyband could have released too.

2 Alejandro Reyes – Compass

A nice sample of tropical house, which is pretty contemporary. The vocals reminds me of both Norway and Austria from last year. It does get a little repetitive towards the end though.

3 Vanessa Iraci – Redlights

I like this too. Quite poppy and the vocals sound decent. It actually sounds like something Ira Losco could have sung for Malta.


1 Zibbz – Stones

This is miles ahead of everything else in the Swiss selection! It has a great rhythm, I love the singer’s slighlty smokey voice and the way it kinda cracks in the chorus. This is something I will surely be listening to for a while, should it win or not. Also, I just want to add that in the live show I think that a lot will depend on the backing vocalists as well – I hope they have some good ones!

2 Angie Ott – A Thousand Times

This has Eurovision written all over it, and it is as predictable as it gets. The girl has good vocals, the song is well produced, builds up nicely, but it’s titled well – it IS something you’ve heard a thousand times already!

3 Alejandro Reyes – Compass

To be perfectly honest, the only reason why I picked him as third is because his song has some rhythm. At the same time, this kind of rhythm is suddenly being in a large number of songs. There’s no originality about it whatsoever, but let’s say it’s quite listenable.


1 Alejando Reyes – Compass

Undoubtedly my favourite of the six. Nice voice, fresh-sounding music that makes you want to move your body. Reminds me a little bit of Ed Sheeran’s music. It’s the only one of the six that I would listen to of my own accord.

2 Zibbz – Stones

The singer has a powerful voice. The song itself is an “okay” category, it doesn’t have a huge effect on me, but in this field it’s the second best.

3 Vanessa Iraci – Redlights

I have to admit, it was a struggle to choose the third, cause I didn’t really like the remaining four. I chose this because her voice is unique and I like the bridge before the chorus.


1 Zibbz – Stones

This is the most risk taking of all the entries and stands out in a run of songs. It’s melody is catchy and it has I feel would be Switzerlands best chance of qualifying.

2 Vanessa Iraci – Redlights

This reminds me a little of Next to Me by Emeli Sande in the chorus but this is no bad thing. It’s very singalong and the melody gets in your head straight away. She sounds vocally good on record so if she can bring a decent live performance, I can see this performing well with both the juries and the public and could come through with the win.

3 Alejandro Reyes – Compass

A little generic, but I do like a Latin inspired bop and this is catchy. It needs a solid live performance to come alive though I feel and have The Moment needed to win.


1 Zibbz – Stones

This one really stands out for me in the selection – it had me singing along at the first listen, and would give Switzerland their strongest chance of success for a good few years. It could well stand out as a strong pop song amongst a sea of ballads.

2 Angie Ott – A Thousand Times

As ballads go, this one is done well. It’s strength is wholly dependent on the strength of the live vocal, but I’m confident Angie will have what it takes to pull it off.

3 Naeman – Kiss Me

I think this song is a good attempt at wooing the teen market, and I think if he performs well it could be popular.


1 Zibbz – Stones

Love this! She looks like she’s got some balls, and when that chorus kicks in after the quieter lead up, it really gets me every time. Please pick this Switzerland!

2 Alejandro Reyes – Compass

This is unbearably catchy, even if the thought of a male solo singer with a guitar makes me think of Ed Sheeran. I’m not exactly a massuve Ed Sheeran fan!

3 Angie Ott – A Thousand Times

Anja Nissen would kill for this song, there’s plenty of opportunity for floor slapping and massive pyro curtains.


1 Zibbs – Stones

I really like this one, it’s different and modern! Good job!

2 Naeeman – Kiss Me

This is a really nice song, but I do wonder if he can make it live. It would be a great performance.

3 Vanessa Iraci – Redlights

This gives meit gives me a Lorde kind of vibe. With a good staging this can qualify and be on the left side of the scoreboard.

So that’s what our Editors think, but what about you?

Here’s a playlist of the 6 competing songs, and don’t forget to vote  below in our poll below for YOUR favourite song in the Swiss selection!


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