Edward Blom: “I have done many, many, many crazy things in my life… I jumped off a London double-decker”

This weekend, the 58th edition of Melodifestivalen hits our TV screens! It’s back, and promises to be just as good as ever. ESCBubble have been chatting to some of the acts taking part in the contest, and today we bring you our interview with Edward Blom!

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, Edward. Firstly… How would you describe yourself and your music?

I am originally an archivist, but the last ten years I have been known in Sweden for TV- and radio programs, cookbooks and through social media. As of music, I am really an amateur, but a year ago I made a Christmas song that went viral. Later, the student Adam von Friesendorff has sampled interview quotes of mine and made a hit which has been streamed to platina level in Sweden. The Eurovision Song Contest song is written specially for me. It is sentimental, but very cheerful in the refrain.

Is this the first time that you’ve tried to enter Melodifestivalen? What was it that made you want to take part this year?

Yes, absolutely! The producer – Thomas G:son – called me and asked me if I would be interested. I really didn’t think the song would be selected, so I accepted without really thinking. But it’s really an offer I couldn’t refuse.

What did you first think when you found out your song was selected for Melodifestivalen, and how did you manage to keep it all a secret?

I don’t really remember, but I believe my wife said ’I knew they would select it!’. To keep it secret hasn’t been that difficult.

Your song is co-written by Thomas G:son. Knowing that he’s wrote so many successful Eurovision songs, does that make you feel more confident?

Well, yes. It doesn’t mean I will win, but it makes it all more real for me!

As you’re in the opening Semi-Final of Melodifestivalen, does this add any pressure to your performance? Or do you prefer it as you haven’t yet seen the other competing songs?

Yes, I do think that gives it a little extra pressure, especially since that has given me less time to repeat the song. I would have preferred to be in one of the last semi-finals instead.

If you could describe your song in only three words, what would they be?

Joy, humour and food!

I’ve heard that your performance described as being ‘crazy’ What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I have done many, many, many crazy things in my life, especially when I was a student. For example, on the top of my mind, I was smuggled into DDR once, because I had lost my passport – that was pretty crazy. I jumped off a London double-decker in high speed. And once I fell asleep in a balcony in a lecture hall in Heidelberg.

What can we expect from your performance/staging? Or is it all a big secret so far?

Now it’s no longer a secret that the stage will be full of dancing food: a lobster, a cheese, grapes… You can see a clip of the performance here

You released a Christmas song called “Nu lagar vi julen”. Apart from your own, what is your favourite Christmas song?

Adeste fideles!


It seems that cooking is another of your interests. What is your favourite dish to cook, and your favourite Swedish food?

To cook: meat casserole
To eat: a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord

Who inspires you most musically? And if you could cover any of their songs, which would it be?

Karl Gerhard. I know many of his songs by heart.

Aside from your music, what other activities do you get up to in your spare time?

My two children (nine months and 2,5 years old) take most of my time. But I also enjoy spending time in various clubs and associations I am a member of, and the arts such as literature, theatre, and music. We go a lot to Stockholm’s restaurants, even with the kids.

You also have a big interest in history. If you had a time machine, and could change anything in the past – what would it be?

I would make sure the parents of Karl Marx didn’t meet each other.

If a movie was made about your life – which actor would you like to see starring as you? And who would be the co-stars to play your friends/family?

Hm, difficult question – maybe Philip Seymour Hoffman could have starred me, had he been alive… Nicole Kidman could get the role as my wife.

What’s your biggest achievement, and what are you most proud of?

Personally, that I was married and that we managed to get two wonderful children; professionally, that I have made many TV series and three cookbooks – one of which has been translated into English, ”Life is a Banquet” and all of which have been selected to the World Gourmand Awards.

What is your favourite thing about Sweden?

”The smörgåsbord tradition!”

…and do you have any fun Swedish phrases that you can teach us?

”Min skål, din skål, alla vackra flickors skål!” is what I typically try to make my non-Swedish friends say.

How can our readers find out more about you and your music?

”They can find the music on Spotify and YouTube, and google my name for more information on myself! Most of it is in Swedish, but they can use Google translate.”

Thanks for chatting to us, Edward! Best of luck at Melodifestivalen on Saturday night!

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