Emma Sandstrom: “Melodifestivalen would be a dream”

After finishing in third place in last year’s Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu in Finland with the fan favorite “Circle Of Light” (which also won our last year’s poll), Emma Sandstrom decided to send in her application for San Marino’s national final, and was the winner of the very first wildcard. In the Grand Final she will be competing to represent San Marino in this year’s Eurovision with the song “Diamonds”.

We had a great pleasure to chat with Emma ahead of this week’s Final, and ask her about her song, her upcoming performance, but also about Saara Aalto – this year’s Finnish Eurovision entrant. Check out everything she told us in this interview here:

Hi Emma! First of all, thank you for taking your time out for talking to us! For the start, can you tell us how did you decide to apply for San Marino’s selection in the first place?

It was a fan to me who told me about the competition and that I should apply. I didn’t expect at all to be one of the lucky finalists! It was a dream come true winning the fanvote!

You had a chance now to spend some time in Vienna, working on your two songs. How did the whole thing go?

Our time in Vienna was very intense! We had to work everyday and in a very short period of time get ready for two songs, rehearse with the band, sing backings for others and rehearse that as well, and then finally film the two shows! But it was an amazing experience at the same time! I learned so much about myself and I got to meet so many amazing people! ❤️

Did you make friends with any of the other contestants?

I got along with everybody and met 11 new wonderful amazing souls! I got closest to Judah. We have been supporting each other and sharing ideas and it’s been great!

How did you decide that your song in the final should be “Diamonds”?

I put a lot of effort in my song “Diamonds” that I wrote together with my amazingly talented producer Stefan Moessle! And the juries must have seen the same as they chose that song for me!

What can you tell us about this song?

The song is an uplifting inspiring song you want to dance to with a touch of mystery and a little darkness to it as well. It’s about reminding us that don’t let others, our mind or our fear tear us down, but keep remembering that we all shine and let’s do it together to grow stronger with more love in this world!

How are you getting ready for the final?

Right now I’m trying to figure out what to wear and resting my vocals as much as I can for the finals. Meditation is much needed during stressful times and also spending time with loved ones who give you energy is important for me.

What are your expectations?

My expectations are just to go up there and sing my heart out not thinking of anything else! I want to enjoy this moment and do what I love the most.

Finland has selected Saara Aalto for Eurovision this year. What do you think of her three songs, have you had a chance to listen to them?

I love Saara Aalto and I’m cheering for her so much wishing her all the best! I love her song “Monsters” the best! But I think she will do well with any of the songs because she is such a talented performer!

What is going to be your next step after the final, and hopefully Eurovision?

Well if I don’t win this year’s finals I already have a song for next year. Melodifestivalen would be a dream as well, or I might try to return to UMK? If I would win I would try to figure out what we can do for the Eurovision stage! I have a lot of ideas and visions. I have already started promoting my song and myself in both Finland and Sweden so I know I would have the support of my Northern Countries.

Thank you very much for your time, and we wish you the best of luck in the Final!

Thank you so much for all of your support and love! Don’t forget to vote for your favourite at global rockstar! And if you want to follow more of my journey please join me on Instagram and Youtube.

Thank you! ❤️

Give a listen to Emma Sandstrom’s “Diamonds” here:

If you think that Emma Sandstrom should win San Marino’s Final, make sure you invest in her song on Global Rockstar (click here). Also, you can cast your vote for her in our poll right here:

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