Jenny May “I do not like to put limits on myself”

Tomorrow sees the 3rd and last semi final of the Latvian selection “Supernova, ahead of their grand final on February 24th

Another 7 acts will perform in Riga to win one of only 2 spots left available in the final, and one of those acts is Jenny May!

Jenny took time out of rehearsals to have a quick chat with us about her history with the Latvian selection, her past collaborations and exactly why she is singing in Spanish!


Hi Jenny and welcome back to the Latvian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest! We last saw you in the 2006 selection with your song “I’m alone” how was that experience for you?

It was a great experience. In 2006 in the Latvian Eurovision pre-selection final I got 3rd place. It was a turning point in my career – Latvia and Latvians noticed me as a soloist and for my music.


Since those days you have been busy! Including working with amongst others, the late Mārtiņš Freimanis. How did you end up getting into Latino music?

I have succesfuly collaborated with rock and pop artists. I do not like to put limits on myself otherwise it gets boring. I willingly sing also classic music but Latino is my childhood dream. I like to think – If you can dream it, you can do it.

When I started my career I wanted to sing Latino, but producers got scared because this music genre is not popular in Latvia and people wouldn’t understand me. Nevertheless it did not stop me and after a few years I decided to give it a try. Latvians like diverse songs maybe that is why my first Latino song “Es gribu vēl mīlēt” made the charts and became one of the most played songs on the radio and a party hit. I keep on working on Pop and Latino, sometimes even mixing both genres together!

“Soledad” is your entry into Supernova this year, written by Martin Karl Hägglund, Martin Björn Hanzén, Tim Erik Åström, Michael Javier HernanBarraza Alfaro and of course, yourself! How did this song come about?

We have worked together with Martin on my hit song “Es gribu vēl mīlēt” so we organized a team to create another good song. We did it, but hope its good enough to get in to the Supernova final.


There are a number of songs in other countries’ National Finals being sung in Spanish (Norway and Armenia to name just two) Why do you think that the Latino style of music is making an appearance in 2018 National Finals?

Global warming maybe! People are getting more temperamental 🙂


What have you got in store for us on Saturday in terms of staging? I’m hoping for a party!

As most of the Latvians do not understand Spanish we decided to show a little bit what the song is about. Even though the song is a party song the lyrics are about terminated relationship. The most important, we want to show that every ending is a new beginning.


I think it’s an extremely strong year for Supernova, with a great mix across music genres – do you think this is a good indication of the music scene in Latvia at the moment?

I am really glad and even proud that in a small country as Latvia are so many talented artists. I am happy that Supernova shows to viewers new, unknown artists with trendy songs some of them I believe are masterpieces.


What are your feelings about the Eurovision Song Contest as a whole? Is it something you watch and is it still popular amongst the Latvian people?

ESC has always been popular in Latvia. People keep up with it and it is one of the most controversial contests in the country! It is a great opportunity to present Latvia internationally, but the most important is to choose excellent song.

I have watched ESC since childhood and have always wanted to take part in it. This year I have been given this great opportunity!


And finally, any words for the readers of

Have a great mood today! And do not forget to watch ESC.


Thank you Jenny and best of luck for tomorrow night!

You can watch Jenny’s song “Soledad” here


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