Kris & Oz “It’s about that magical moment”

After last Saturday’s drama in the second semi final of Supernova in Latvia, we have all taken a deep breath ready for the third and last semi final which will take place on Saturday 17th February where 7 acts will be performing for those 2 precious remaining places in the Final on 24th February.

One of those acts appearing is Kris & Oz, with their song “Morning Flight” and we had the chance to chat with them about their backgrounds, their song, and unicorns!


Hi Kris & Oz (also known as vocalist Kris Morins and Arturs Osipovs on guitars and keyboards) and welcome to Supernova! Researching this chat was a lovely experience, I see that you’ve been on the music scene since 2014? How did you meet?

Yes it’s correct our duo Kris & Oz emerged back in 2014. Prior to that we were both participating in different music project. Kristina was doing jazz/soul thing, Arturs was playing guitar in a indie rock band.  Besides that, Kristina teaches kids and adults to sing.

We’ve met few years before we actually started to write songs together. We were introduced by our mutual friend at a concert, and we had this same first impression of each other that we are both music addicts. So it really wasn’t big surprise that someday we will be making music together.

At the start we decided to make one song which Arturs had in his mind to see how it will go. Song is called “if only I could”. Response was very warm so the next thing was focusing on live performances and writing first Ep.

Your song for Supernova is called “Morning Flight” and is a wonderful dream-like 3 minutes that I thoroughly enjoy 🙂 Lyrically it’s very interesting as well, with fairies, unicorns and cotton candy! What can you tell us about how the song came about?

Sometimes we get stuck in problems and same scenario for way too long, so we need to recharge ourselves, feel new and happy, so this idea came to Kristina when she was awaiting for her early morning flight.

Everyone can relate to it as the first day of long awaited vacation, or even going somewhere far away to start new chapter in life. It’s about that magical moment. And all these imaginations come from excitement and worrying that everything will be good and nothing gonna stop you.

And of course it has all those qualities of morning flights, everyone is feeling sleepy and everything moves in slow motion.


Going back to Supernova, how are you preparing for your performance? Have you any ideas about your staging that you can share?

For supernova we decided to grow a little bit. We will be performing as trio, with our friend and producer who helped to craft all our songs. His name is Alexander and he also plays drums.

We are in the middle of developing our performance. For now we can say that there will be some dance moves and stylish clothes, which everyone will be able to enjoy!


What is your history with the Eurovision Song Contest? Is it something that you follow every year?

Every year we meet up with friends to watch the finals and try to predict the winner. Last two years we both succeeded in it.


It’s a strong line up in Supernova this year, is this a good indication of the Latvian music scene?

Right now a lot of new talented artists appear on a local pop and indie scene with good songs and impressive charisma. it’s a definitely a good sign.


What are your plans for after Supernova? There are some great live performance video’s online, any plans for any concert dates?

Yes it is our main goal to play live shows and continue to create new music. So we really hope that Supernova experience will help us with that. We really want to play live shows more often.
Right now we are busy at Supernova but after that we will plan our spring/summer concert dates.

And finally some quick fire questions to get to know you better!

What music are you listening to right now? Bill Evans, Bobby Womack, Simon & Garfunkel, D’Angelo
What’s your favourite book? A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. Wind-up bird chronicle by Haruki Murakami. Two lives by Konkordiya Anatorova
What’s your favourite food? lentils,sweet potato,dates
Who would you like to perform on stage with? We would be happy to perform with Latvia’s pop-rock greatest ‘Brainstorm’ And musicians that inspire us right now: Solange, Lianne La Havas, Bonobo, James Blake


Thank you so much for chatting with us Kris & Oz and best of luck for your performance on Saturday!

You can watch the lyric video for “Morning Flight” here

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