Lucine Mardanyan: The song is about unrequited love.

Armenia’s Eurovision selection “Depi Evratesil” starts on Monday and one of the acts participating is Lucine Mardanyan with the song “If You Won’t Walk Me Home”

We got the chance to catch up with her and find out about her preparations for the contest and the story behind the song.

Hey Lucine, Congratulations on being in Depi Evratesil 2018! What made you want to enter the selection process?

The selection process started in September, when Tamar Kaprelian and Sebu Simonian started to work with me. People started reacting well to the songs that I was writing, so I decided to apply for Depi Evratesil.

Can you tell us a bit more anout your song “If You Don’t Walk Me Home”.

The song was written during Nvak, the music education program that Tamar started in Armenia. I wrote the melody and my co-writer, Gagach, wrote the lyrics. The song is about unrequited love, and the idea of walking alone is a metaphor for that.

How would it feel to win and be selected for Armenia and go to the Eurovision Song Contest?

That would be amazing because it would give me lot of opportunities as an artist. I think the selection process that AMPTV is doing this year is smart because it gives a lot of artists, who would otherwise not have the opportunity, an opportunity to get their names out there. 

And how are the rehearsals for Depi Evratesil?

I am working with my creative director- Arthur Gourounlian in Yerevan. My performance will be minimalistic and classy. 

Have you had the chance to listen to any of the other entries yet, any standouts?

Yeah sure; I have listened to all the songs. They are all great. I really like Tamar’s “Poison” and Sevak’s “Qami” 

Who are your biggest inspirations musically?

There are a lot of artists that inspire me. But I have recently discovered Sinead O’Connor. And I love her voice and her look. 

Any dream artists you would love to duet with?

I would like to collaborate with Justin Timberlake.

Do you currently have any other projects going on at the moment that we can look forward to?

I just released a cover (video) of Chris Cornell’s “The Promise.” You can watch that on Nvak Foundation’s YouTube channel. And I am working on a song that is going to go on a Nvak EP that Universal Music Publishing (Killer Tracks) is releasing the late Spring and Early Summer. 

What do you enjoy doing when not performing?

When I am not writing music, I enjoy reading, and watching lot of movies. I am also studying computer programming in school.

And finally do you have a favourite Eurovision song from previous years? 

My favorite is “Not Alone” by Aram mp3.

Many thanks for this interview Lucine and I promise we won’t let you walk home alone at Depi Evratesil! Good luck!

You can listen to Lusine’s “If You Don’t Walk Me Home” here:

As Lucine mentioned in her interview, she has been part of the Nvak Foundation, which was founded and set up by Tamir Kaprelian you can check out their website here as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

Lucine will participate in Semi Final 1 on Monday 19th February, and you can let us know who you want to qualify in our poll below:


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