Markus Riva “I love this song so much!”

As Supernova rolls into the second round of semi finals in Latvia, we see the return of one of the best loved singers in the selection this year.

Markus Riva, the 31 year old singer, producer and model, returns to the selection for the 5th time with his song “This Time” and we had the opportunity to chat with Markus about his heartbreak last year, his continued enthusiasm for Eurovision and his recent collaborations!


Markus, welcome back to Supernova! This is the 3rd year running that I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with you about your participation, how was your 2017?

It is my pleasure! 2017 was a tough and hard year. The most important and heart breaking thing was that I lost my mother in the beginning of March and that was really hard and depressing. She had a long fight with a cancer. I’m still trying to recover from that. I wrote some new songs, sad songs that are going to be in my album as well. Overall, I worked hard – released 4 music videos and recorded some new material as well, performed all around this region and had some good and nice memories too.

“This Time” has become a real fan favourite since it’s release for Supernova, are you feeling any pressure from this?

I am happy to hear! I love this song so much! I fell connected in every way that I can. Been there in that situation so I really know how hard is to say that – it is over, we won’t make it right this time. And I am glad that there are so many people who love the song and I really hope that they will support me in the live shows.

You have co-written “This Time” with Kaspars Ansons and American, Quincy Thompson – how did this collaboration come about?

This is some new experience to me as well. I have always wanted to work with Kaspars Ansons (since he is a good producer and I like most of the stuff that he is doing), so he asked me if I wanted to do a song together and I was like – yes, of course! So we created this song with co-author from USA – Quincy and Latvian guy Edgars. Each of us added something in this song so I think that is an another good way how to create music together, bringing together talents and diverse visions.

“This Time” seems to be about a love that just can’t happen, no matter how many times you try, where did the inspiration come from?

It is based on our own lives. I am the person who can take a lot in relationships and maybe I am not the most talk active guy, but enough is enough. If relationship is not working then you gonna end up in this point where you are saying that – this is it, we can not do like this anymore. And being together with somebody means that you give some respect and honesty. I could say that this is a powerful break-up song.

We have a lyric video for “This Time” at the moment, are there any plans to release a music video?

Yes, we already did a shooting recently – 3 days in Latvia. The story will be dramatic and I think the story will express the song even more. I am co-director of this video as well and I am sure that this will be a new side of me that I did not show that much recently. And we had some realllly nice locations! I just can not wait for you to see this.
(Edit : The video has now been released and you can watch it at the very bottom of this article!)

You have such a huge fan base all over Eastern Europe and you’ve released a number of successful albums, are you still hungry for that Eurovision appearance?

I am. If I would not be then I would not participate. I know that I can bring my artistry to the big event, competition and Europe. I think that Eurovision is still the greatest and most impressive TV show on Earth. It is a life experience! And it is all about music, great show, new connections and it is like expo for music, so, yes! I definitely wanna be a part of that! And my fans want me to be there so this is the greatest motivation!

I absolutely loved your collaboration with Rodion Gordin on the track “With You” from back in the summer, the video looked like you had the best fun ever! What can you tell us about the experience?

Oh, thanks! That was this nice collaboration with this producer and dj. The video was absolutely fun! And we had fun making that. It was really spontaneous while I was on my vacation last summer in LA. That was a very hot day in California that started at 3am when we drove to this amazing desert. And I changed my image a bit as well – I shaved my hair and went for that Mad Max inspiration. I loved the result as well and glad that this work ended up on MTV Russia as well.

How was it presenting X-FAKTORĀ this year? I saw some of the clips on line and you looked like a natural presenter!

Wow! The X Factor was a dream come true! Finally a TV project that I love so much. And I’ve always wanted to host a TV show like this. So, that was a natural life school because It was something new for me as well – to host a live shows on live TV and keep it all together. I am very happy for this opportunity to be part of the X-Factor history. And we did some funny dance-opening acts and I lifted down from the ceilings as well, so we absolutely had some fun.

Finally, do you have a special message for the readers of

Since it is still near the beginning, I wish everyone – happy New Year and make this year as one the best of your life!
Don’t wait for something, don’t wait for tomorrow – act now and today! Live and love! And thanks everyone for your support! I really appreciate that and am blessed! Only love!


Thank you so much for your time once again Markus Riva, and we look forward to seeing you perform tomorrow night on the Supernova stage!

Watch the video for Markus’s song “This Time”

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