Monta “Sometimes we forget that it is a song contest”

The Latvian pre-selection “Supernova” continues on Saturday, with 7 more artists vying for one of the 2 places available to progress to the final of the contest on Saturday 24th February.

One of the artists appearing is Monta, with her song “1000 Roses” and we chat with her regarding her previous Supernova experiences, her creativity and future plans

Monta, welcome to Supernova as a solo artist! I deliberately mention this, as you were in the final last year Jānis and Ilze performing as My Radiant You with “All I Know” which finished 3rd overall. I was in the audience that night and it was electric! Do you have good memories of that night?
Yes, of course I have great memories. I think we had a good team that helped to give our energy to others. As you maybe saw we smiled a lot. In my opinion, great team on the stage is one of the main factors to get a good performance.

Your song this year is called “1000 Roses” and is a big favourite amongst a lot of the fans I talk to. You wrote this song yourself, can you tell us the story behind it?
Actually the story of my song is easy. I was sitting in my room and words just came out. Then I started to sing them with melody and the song was born. It was a time when I felt that nothing happened as I’ve wanted. Everything seemed stuck. The chorus part is like an inner prayer that smells like the scent of roses.

Was it always your intention to appear in Supernova this year and have you spoken with Jānis and Ilze about it?
It’s one of my childhood dream to participate in the Eurovision song contest. Last year was a great experience to feel the stage. I asked Janis for some advice about how to perform better on the stage. And he gave me really good recommendations.

Do you have any plans about how you are going to present “1000 Roses” on stage?
Maybe you can hear in the song that there is one of my favourite instruments included. I won’t say what it is, but you will see it in my performance

Whilst researching this interview, one of the things I found was a fantastic song called “Goodnight” that you released in 2017. Gorgeous video too! How did this come about?

The song “Goodnight” is about longing and leaving. That the only chance to meet him is in dreams. My brother Roberts Ķimenis made this video. He will make a video for 1000 Roses too. And it will be very soon (edit: watch the new video below!)

Do you usually follow the Eurovision Song Contest, and how do you feel about Latvia’s recent entries?
I follow the Eurovision song contest. It’s always interesting to watch all the shows. But I think sometimes we forget that it is a song contest.

What’s next for Monta? Any plans to release more songs for us?
I really love to write songs and right now I am working with producer Kaspars Ansons for my new songs.

Finaly, lets have some quick fire questions to get to know you better!

What music are you listening to right now?
Recently I listened to classical music very much. I fell in love with Chopin and many more. I found out how great this music make me feel. But I also listen to jazz, pop and soul music.
What’s your favourite book?
I love to read books. At this moment my favourite book is in pink colour.
What’s your favourite food?
My favourite food which I can eat in any time of the day or night is rice with curry, chicken and pineapple souce. Mmm… So sweet&sour, salted. Nothing original. But I like simple food.
Who would you like to perform on stage with?
I would like to perform with… Actually I have some artists in Latvia with whom I’d like to perform together. But it would be cool to sing “Something stupid” with Robbie Williams.

Thank you Monta for your time, and we look forward to seeing you on the big stage on Saturday
Monta’s song is “1000 Roses” and you can watch it here

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