Tayanna: “Lelya has it all, like no other songs!”

Tayanna was the big favorite to win last year’s “Vidbir” – Ukraine’s Eurovision selection with her song “I Love You”. After finishing second, she won various prestigious awards in Ukraine, but she hasn’t given up hope on representing her country in Eurovision, and is back again this year, with a song she wrote all by herself – “Lelya”.

We had a great pleasure to chat with Tayanna about her new entry, find out more about the story behind it, and also what was happening in her career in between her two participations in “Vidbir”. Find out everything she told us in this interview right here:

Hi Tayanna! Thank you for taking your time out for talking to us again! For the start of the interview, can you tell us what was happening in your music career between last year’s competition and now? What made you return to the Ukrainian Eurovision selection?

This year was very productive. Last year’s participation in the selection tempered me. After it, I had even more motivation to work. With the team we released the album “Trimai Mene”. All the songs that included into it, are like a new breath. They mirror the changes that have occurred to me. I am very pleased that the album received a huge number of positive reviews from both fans and music critics. Several video works on the songs that were included in the “Trimai Mene” were filmed. They were also warmly greeted by fans, already in the first hours of publication, there were set records of views. At the end of the year, I became the owner of the prestigious “Breakthrough of the Year” award, which for me is an indicator that my work finds a response. And this is the most important thing.

Can you tell us more about “Lelya”? What’s the song about, and who is Lelya?

“Lelya”, like all my songs, is my personal story. But it is very different from my last year’s entry and from all the compositions I wrote before. Lelya is the name of the Old Slavic goddess of love, who experienced the unhappy love, but she was not upset and continued to share love and carry light. Therefore, the composition happened to be without sadness, full of optimism and very energetic! I hope that “Lelya” will help Ukrainians to rise up and not only our county but the whole Eurovision family will dance to this song!

“Lelya” is quite different to your last year’s entry “I Love You”. Why did you decide to change your style, and is there any other style you’d like to try yourself out in?

I always write from the heart. About the way I live, what I experience internally. For me, the most important thing is to be honest with myself and with the listener. Only in this way the real music and texts, which will touch the depth of the soul and resonate inside, are created. And in what style the song is, seems to be not that important to me.

Your last year’s entry won the jury votes, and also became a favorite with Eurovision fans. Do you think “Lelya” will achieve more than this?

I believe that music is not a competition. It’s a way to convey emotions, feelings. This is a powerful energy exchange. “Lelya” has it all, like no other song. Will the audience feel it? I think so. It all depends on whether the audience is ready to accept my experience, my changes, and therefore my creativity. But I’m more than optimistic about that (smiles).

Why should you be the one to win and represent Ukraine in Lisbon?

I did not say that I should win. If the audience finds the energy of the song “Lelya” familiar, I would be thankful for their votes.

Did you have a chance to hear any of the other songs, and which is that one act that you think is your biggest competition to win?

Right now I am completely into the preparation for my performance. That’s why I did not listen to the songs of other participants. Moreover, I think that the entry should be perceived as a whole. Not separately performance, separately – drama. Therefore, I want to save a sense of novelty and make up my opinion according to what I see on the stage.

What inspires your normally?

A lot of things (laughs). First of all, people: their actions, communication with them. This is a colossal exchange of energy. I am also inspired by my family. I like to spend time with friends. For example, we rest in the Carpathians. The mountains are a great place to comprehend and rethink. And, of course, my main inspiration is the main person in my life – son Daniel. Thanks to him I change and learn new things.

What do you usually do when you are not singing?

I play the piano, I go in for sports, but not regularly. I love cooking.

What do you like cooking the most?

My specialty is casserole. I can cook it in different ways (smiles).

Tayanna, thank you very much for your time and for talking to us, and we wish you the best of luck at Ukraine’s Eurovision selection!

Thank you! I wish all the readers to enjoy the life! After all, everything that happens to us is an experience. I really hope that my song “Lelya” will charge you with energy and drive. With Love, Tayanna.

Give a listen to Tayanna’s “Lelya” right here:

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