Felix Sandman: “The Whole Duel Thing Is Scary”

ESCBubble: First of all we want to congratulate you for reaching Andra Chansen how do you feel about it?

Felix: I feel very good about this, it feels really good to be here and good to have the chance to do the performance once more time and hopefully a third time if I reach the final, It feels good and I feel secure  about my performance and my song ive heard people really like it  and listen to it so it means the world to me, so yes I am excited for tonight.

ESCbubble: Have you ever met Mimi Werner? How does it feel to duel against her?

Felix Sandman Well the first time i met her was this Wednesday and we have been connecting and she is really nice gir, she is really good on stage, she has a good stage presence and it is really important for an artist to have. It does feel scary, the whole duel thing is scary and its sad someone has to leave but that is how it is and I know we both do our best but hopefully, we both will have fun and enjoy our performances.

ESCB: Many comments were raised on the night of your semifinal because your stage apparently was similar to something seen the week before in Portugal’s semifinal to Janeiro – (sem titulo). How you take this time of criticism?

FS: For me is a compliment since i really liked his performance and it was really cool, I don’t think i took much of inspiration from his performance though. its more by Frank ocean when I saw him live on tour here in Sweden. but indeed a compliment since I loved the vibe he had. I loved that he really expressed himself and is something similar to what I wanted to do.

ESCB: Which was the message from your friends from FO&O when you decided to do this solo adventure:

FS: It was a desition we all took together, we have been a band for 4 years and it was time for us to focus and experiment with our solo careers i think it was the right moment for me. we still bros and we support each other in our projects. We still need to find out what we want to do in our different types.

ESCB: Tell us about every single day and how the project came to you?

FS: I was lucky enough to meet this 4 guys from LA. Jake, Noah, Parker, Tony… They are very talented and young they all went to Berkeley. I just got connected with them and great songs came ouroff that. But every single day is something we all been experienced at some point especially me i was in this moment of my life and its wonderful this songs means a lot to me

ESCB: Which from the other competitors you liked and you’re surprised that its gone?

FS: wow, this is a good question… My favourite is Benjamin but he is in the final… *passes some seconds* Dotter- Cry. I think the song is really good and dotter’s performance was really cool. I think its the competiton in a nutshell you never know, everything can happen.

ESCB: What will you change For Andra Chansen or the Final:

FS: The song is rich in details, i will just change some details like not closing my eyes a lot and just change my clothes to freshen up a bit and some camera angles just some small details.

ESCB: Thanks Any message for all the ESCBubble Readers?

FS: I hope you guys liked my performance and song, hope you keep listening to it.. This song means a lot to me I’m proud that this is my debut single and hopefully see you inLisbon. thanks for everything and thanks for reading.

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