Here is YOUR favorite of the three songs of Saara Aalto!

Back on the 7th of November, the Finnish national broadcaster YLE has announced that Saara Aalto is going to be representing Finland in Eurovision 2018. After presenting her three potential Eurovision songs – “Monsters”, “Domino” and “Queens”, the day has come to select the one Saara will be taking with her to Lisbon.

In the past week we asked you which of the three songs is your personal favorite, and the one you want to hear Saara singing in Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. Here is the outcome:

  1. Monsters – 84.46%
  2. Queens – 10.53%
  3. Domino – 5.02%

Our panel of editors have also listened to Saara Aalto’s three songs, and voted for their favorites. All of our editors who took part in this voting made the exact same choice, and the result is:

  1. Monsters
  2. Domino
  3. Queens

A huge majority of our readers, as well as all of the members of our editors panel agree that Saara should be singing “Monsters” in Lisbon. “Monsters” is composed by Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Ki Fitzgerald and Saara Aalto herself.

Our poll will be closed once we find out tonight which is indeed the winning song, so in the meanwhile if you haven’t yet voted in our poll, you can still do that here:

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