Netta, Alexander Rybak, and Madame Monsieur topping our polls after week 2!

Two weeks ago we started our polls where you can cast your votes for your five favorite acts in each of the two semi finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, as well as for your one favorite of the six automatic finalists. The current standings in our three polls have slightly changed from last week, but the top of the polls remain the same – Netta from Israel is in the lead of Semi 1, Alexander Rybak from Norway in Semi 2, and Madame Monsieur from France lead our poll with the automatic finalists.

All of our polls are set in a way that you can vote once during the day. However, we have encountered series of spam votes (over 1,200 votes cast within a couple of hours, all coming from Germany and all voting for San Marino), and all of these votes have been removed. With over 20,000 valid votes cast up until this very moment, the top five in each of our polls are as follows:

Semi Final 1

  1. Israel – Netta – Toy – 11.97%
  2. Finland – Saara Aalto – Monsters – 10.60%
  3. Croatia – Franka – Crazy – 10.02%
  4. Greece – Yianna Terzi – Oneiro mou – 9.70%
  5. Cyprus – Eleni Foureira – Fuego – 7.38%

Semi Final 2

  1. Norway – Alexander Rybak – That’s How You Write A Song – 14.48%
  2. Denmark – Rasmussen – Higher Ground – 10.33%
  3. Poland – Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer – Light Me Up – 9.37%
  4. Sweden – Benjamin Ingrosso – Dance You Off – 8.16%
  5. Australia – Jessica Mauboy – We Got Love – 7.64%


  1. France – Madame Monsieur – Mercy – 28.03%
  2. Germany – Michael Schulte – You Let Me Walk Alone – 19.16%
  3. Portugal – Cláudia Pascoal – O Jardim – 18.70%

If you haven’t done so until now, you can still cast your votes in our polls here:

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Vote here for your five favorites in Semi Final 2:

Vote here for your personal favorite of the six automatic finalists:

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