Blanche follows up with ‘Wrong Turn’!

Belgian songstress Blanche had great succes at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine by coming 4th wit her song ‘City Lights’. Fans have been left wanting more and now their wish has come true, as today Blanche has released her next single ‘Wrong Turn’!

This track was co-written by Pierre Dumoulin, the same composer responsible for ‘City Lights’. Despite the same composers, the songs differ quite a bit. Whereas the Eurovision entry was quite upbeat, this song is more slowed down, which doesn’t equal boring!
The song has a very seductive beat, slow enough to make you feel at ease and want to close your eyes while listening to it, fast enough to sweep you along!
As in ‘City Lights’, Blanche’s fragile voice really complements the theme of the song, listen for yourself:

Blanche has given us a taste with that live rendition and you can hear a bit of the studio version in this clip that she has gifted her fans. In that clip you can hear the production of the song better, which adds to the mysterious, sweeping feeling described earlier:

What is your opinion on ‘Wrong Turn’?
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